Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello and welcome to The Jackson Five blog

So I guess to start out, for those of you who don't know us, here is a little about The Jackson Five!

I am Jenna. I am a wife to my wonderful husband Craig, and a stay at home mom of two handsome little boys, Jace and Grady. I am a GIRLY girl! I love pink, shopping, fashion, makeup, new hair products, photography, making jewelry, buying jewelry, and most of all spending time with my family!

Next is my husband Craig. He is an awesome husband, and an awesome father. He loves spending time with our two boys, loves working out if time allows (which isn't often anymore) between work and play. He is a die hard Michigan Wolverines fan (and that isn't easy being from Ohio)!

Then our two boys. We'll start with Jace. He is our three year old. Where to begin with him! He is your typical three year old boy. When I say boy, I mean ALL BOY! Jace loves digging in the dirt, he loves bugs, he loves Thomas the Train, and he is a daddy's boy. This fall he is going to begin pre-school and I hope and pray that they don't kick him out :)

Then there is Grady, our sweet one year old. He is so loveable and I think he is going to be a momma's boy :) Although he is sweet, he is also becoming very ornery! He just started walking a few weeks ago, and is now into EVERYTHING. By everything, I mean cabinets, drawers, turning the t.v. on and off, putting toys into the dogs water etc... Wow is he a busy boy! Between the two of them, there is always something to do.

To complete our family, we have a five year old cocker spaniel named Harleigh. She is just like another child to us. She is spoiled rotten and knows it! She goes with us in the car, knows there are treats waiting for her at the bank and McDonald's, sad I know!

So there it is my very first blog! I have always wanted to start a blog and just never knew where to begin. I love reading other blogs, and am always enlightened and inspired by them, and I hope to do the same with my own. I hope to keep my family and friends informed on our lives, and I hope to meet some new friends along the way!


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