Friday, August 28, 2009


So I went shopping last weekend and found this really cute shirt at Old Navy. They have it in many colors and prints. Although they didn't have the printed ones in the store, and I like it so much better than the one that I got. Oh well I'll have to order it online if I want it! Last night I took some pictures of Grady while we were outside. He just woke up from a nap and was so grumpy. He's starting to get some more teeth in and I think that was part of it. He's also changing so much. He used to be the best eater and not ever get enough, now he's so busy and you can hardly get him to sit still and eat! He's also really starting to talk. He definitely knows who we all are and it's so funny to hear him call me mamma, and Craig daddy. He knows my parents and Craig's for sure, mamaw and papaw he says! He knows his ba ba, and ball, and doggie. Craig's thinks he points and says "look" and it sounds like he says "thank-you" too. He's becoming a little man already!

On Tuesday we have Jace's preschool orientation. I can not believe that he is going to be 4 years old pretty soon and in preschool 2 days a week. That is going to be so different for all of us. I have no idea how he will actually act when I have to leave him there. He's never away from us much, but I know he LOVES kids, so he might LOVE it. I hope so. It will be nice to only have 1 child for 2 hours on those days. I know it's not long, but long enough to get some more things done with only 1 child destroying the house! Do you guys feel like that? I mean I will pick up all of their toys, straighten up the living room, get everything so nicely put away...and I leave that room and 2 minutes later it's messy again. Ugghhhhh! So frustrating!

Craig and I have started walking almost every night. We both need to get in shape again. I've also been using weights and a medicine ball at home too. Today my body is so sore! No pain, no gain right? I hope something changes with all of this flabbiness ha! It's just so hard to stay dedicated. We have been putting the boys in the jogging stroller together and they actually get along. Well usually at least 1 falls asleep so that helps. Jace fell asleep the other night and kept leaning onto Grady. We would push him to the other side and then he would fall again. It was so funny, Grady would scream and try to push him off. Brotherly love!

Today Craig had a dentist appointment so he took a little bit off of work so we rode along. On the way home Jace wanted ice cream so I got him a regular cone and Grady a baby cone. Oh what a mess they were!!! Grady has to hold his on his own. Yes my 1 year old in the backseat eating a cone all by himself you can imagine the mess and he had is foo foo in (which he DOES NOT NEED) but he kept trying to put the cone in his mouth with the foo foo still in! He didn't get that he need to take it out I guess was so funny! Look at these boy's with their hair down and not spiked up. They look so silly with it down... it's the same with my husband, he makes his hair stand straight up and I'm telling you the boys will have to do this the rest of there lives or they just don't look right ha ha, I guess that's the hairstylist in me, I started it already :(
Well I hope you all have a great weekend :)


  1. Jace will LOVE pre-school and meet all kinds of friends! I can't wait to hear his stories. :)

  2. I agree with Heidi! I'm sure he will do just fine. From the way you describe him he doesn't sound that shy. :)

    It will probably be harder on you than it is on him.

  3. I agree with Heidi and Momma Such, Jace will enjoy preschool and have new friends.

    Great pictures.

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. These are such cute pics! Have a great weekend! : )

  5. Those little guys and their spiked up hair are too cute!! :) You will enjoy your two hours, even though it will fly by!!