Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today I got a new haircut! It was way overdue. I had been letting it grow for quite some time and decided it was time. After being a hairdresser myself for several years I can handle it for a long time with conditioning products, shine spray to hide the split ends etc., but lately it had just been out of control! So I made an appointment with my friend Haley and had her cut and color it. She lives in a small town about an hour of here. My husband and kids decided to go with me and we left in plenty of time. Well wouldn't you know that we missed our exit and got a little lost! So I was 15 minutes late :( I called her and she didn't mind, but I felt so bad. As a hairdresser 15 minutes can really screw up your schedule if you have other appointments back to back! Thank goodness she had plenty of time until her next client came and it all worked out great :) Here is a picture of my new hair. I got some highlight's and lowlight's put in it and got several inches cut off!

It looks and feels so much better, thank goodness! Thanks Haley-It was so great seeing you again too! Love your shop, it's so cute, and sorry again for being late :(


  1. Hello? You look so beautiful! Your hair is adorable!! Love it!
    I need a new style!!

  2. Love your hair. Beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. It looks precious!! You look great.