Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thursday Jace got to take treats to school and celebrate his 4th birthday. We made spiders. They were from the Kraft website and they were actually called "frogs" on there, but we called them spiders and I think they look more like spiders than frogs. They are super easy to make.

What you need:

Mini pretzels
Oreo cookies
White icing

Take 2 mini pretzels and put them side by side. Ice the bottom of 1 oreo cookie and put on top of the pretzels. Then ice the bottoms of 2 M&M's and stick on for eyes. Wa-la! Yep that's it, that easy. Jace then decorated the container with Spiderman stickers. He thought this was just the coolest treat.

Friday we took Jace to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. He really enjoyed it! Saturday was so nice out and made the perfect day for Jace's 4th birthday party. He had a batman party, look how cool he is! Don't ask what he was doing in this 1st picture, he's crazy!

I was so sad because my brother, sister-in-law and baby Emme couldn't make it. Little Emme got hand foot and mouth disease a few days before and she had a bad rash all over her. I 've never heard of this before but apparently it's pretty common and is VERY contagious! We were bummed about that, but they are coming into town this weekend so we will get to see them then!

A couple weeks ago when they were home baby Emme had on her maryjane socks and we put them on Grady. Wouldn't he make a cute little girl, just look at those little feet! Too funny! He also loves shoes. If any of our shoes are laying around he always puts them on! Shhhh don't tell my husband that he's like his momma and LOVES shoes, hey it's o.k. to be in touch with your feminine side - right? :)

So you all know that we have officially moved into my parent's basement. Well I don't know about you but I HATE spiders. Well what do you usually find in basements? That's right- SPIDERS! Don't get me wrong, their basement is very nice and clean...but obviously that doesn't matter... look what came to visit.....

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Talk about scary....I'm just so glad that it didn't crawl over me while I was sleeping, can you imagine waking up to that?!?

Well we are going to go take a walk. I need to get my fat butt into shape!!! Do any of you have any great workout routines that you stick with? I would love to hear them if they don't require a gym!


  1. You probably have already eaten a spider since you have been there while you were sleeping...

  2. you have the cutest kids!!
    those little oreo treats are so fun!
    the spider notsomuch! ick!

    p.s. i used to run an infant room at a daycare and hand foot and mouth disease was common.

  3. The treats looks yummy!! And easy to make.

    I'm with you, I hate spiders, well any kind of animals. I think animals have their own space, so why the come to my space.

  4. Jenna,

    I never gave you the update but I have fallen in love with the Jillian videos! They are tough but 30 Day Shred is GREAT for a 20 minute workout. I just got "Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism" - it's 40 mins of cardio and I'm dripping by the end! I've tried the "No More Trouble Zones" on Exercise TV and will eventually order that too - I like it because you can skip to the circuits you like (and need). And their all only about $10 each.

    Have fun!


  5. Unfortunately I had hand foot mouth diseasae in high school and Dr. Masser told me it was from having been in the lake :)