Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today is my husband's 31st Birthday!!! Wow when I say that out loud it is hard for me to believe that he is in his 30's and I am almost there. I have 1 more year in my 20's, yes that's right I'll be 29 in November and then the big 3-0! WOW, I'm not sure what 30 is supposed to feel like but I don't feel like I am anywhere close to that age. Then again I also don't feel like Jace should be turning 4 soon and Grady is almost 1 1/2. My mom is going to be 55 in a few short days and that doesn't seem possible either. 55!?! Really? She can't be turning 55, isn't that an age where you start getting senior discounts on certain things? Have you seen my mom? She 110% does not look like she is 55! I hope I look as good as her at that age.

Okay so back to wishing my husband a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Craig. You are (most of the time) an amazing husband and an amazing father! HA!!! Sorry but you are not sometimes drive me insane, but for the most part you are amazing! LOL I LOVE you and our boy's LOVE you so much. He celebrated with his parent's and went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse for lunch, while I went to the new outlets near Cincinnati. (They are very nice if anyone is thinking about going, GO!) Then when I got back we finished watching the Michigan game, yay they won! Then we went and celebrated at our local Mexican restaurant. They put a sombraro on him and brought him some yummy soapapilla! He got some new clothes and a new IPod Touch that he has been drooling over for quite some time! I think he had a great 31st birthday!

I have some really BIG news to blog about to you all!. WE FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE! It's official and it's a done deal. Paper's are signed and we have started packing and moving already. If that isn't the best birthday present EVAH!!! 7 years we've lived in this house. It was our very 1st home. It's been good to us, but we are so EXCITED that it finally sold, after being on the market for way over 2 years! It's been a long, frustrating process..but we now see the light at the end of the tunnel..well almost after we get 7 years worth of things packed and ready to put in storage. Ughhhh the fun begins! Honestly though I don't care. We are that excited to get rid of this house, so I will do anything, including packing and shipping out if that's what comes with the whole package! We have 30 days to get out, but we plan on being out around Jace's birthday weekend which is the 18th of this month!

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and will update you all soon and post some pictures of our empty house and the SOLD sign in our front yard! I LOVE that sign!!! :)


  1. Congratulations!!! I know you will find a wonderful house. Anxious to see the pictures of the sold sign.

    Happy Birthday to your husband! Glad to read all of you have a great time and that he enjoy his birthday.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. I am so glad you guys finally sold your house! It took us forever to sell ours too, but when we did it was worth the wait. Isn't that sold sign great!?

    Happy Birthday to Craig! I need to check out the mall sometime! My sis and I are planning a shopping trip within the next few months to start Christmas shopping..eeek!

    Have a good long weekend! :)