Monday, September 28, 2009


I am so sorry, I have to be the the worst blogger EVER! I just can't seem to update on a regular basis :( Please forgive me! Ha!

This weekend my grandma had a little family get together with some of her family at my mom's house. She keeps the extended family together. I always wonder when we are older who will keep our extended family together or if we will get together at all?

I was just excited to see baby Emme again! I'm always so excited to see her...okay until she poops on me like she did! I was holding her and she was tooting and I went to rock her to sleep and I thought I better check her diaper and it was ewwww....squishing out the top! Ha! She is still cute though, even if she isn't very lady like yet :)

We decided to "try" and get a few pictures of the boy's and Emme together. That is just a joke! Try getting a 4 year old wild man, a 1 year old busy body, and an 8 month old nosey little girl all to look or smile at the camera. Just look at this picture, little stinkers! This was the best one if you can believe that...

Well at least Sara and I can hold still and get a good picture together...

Sunday we took Jace and Grady to Chuck E. Cheese because Jace got a gift certificate for his birthday. They just built a new one not to far away and it is HUGE inside. It was so nice and the boys had so much fun.

After eating and playing we went to the mall. I had ordered a jacket from Old Navy online and it was not what I thought it was at all. Well I picked the right day to exchange it for something else. They were having a huge clearance/clean-out event and I got 6 really cute things for the price of the jacket! Like this cardigan. I had just purchased this in purple the other day and paid $20 on sale and they had them for $8 bucks! So I got the teal and grey now too!
I got this tank top for $4!

You just couldn't go wrong for the price of things! These are the only 2 I could find online to show you! I need ed some new fall clothing. Today it was so windy and chilly, tomorrow is a high of 57! Can you believe that? I think it was last week we turned the air on because it was so hot and humid out and now it's so cold :( boo! I'm ready for fall clothes, just not fall weather! I ordered some really cute new things from last week, I'll post about them when they arrive! I'm so excited!!!
Back to preschool tomorrow for Jace. Thursday he did really well and his teacher called and left me a voice mail that said he had a really good day (considering he cried on Tuesday when I dropped him off!) and she said that she was really proud of him. That made us feel really good!
Well off to get some zzzzz's...I'll work on updating again soon :)

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  1. Great pictures and looks like you were so busy.

    Glad to hear from you again.

    Have a nice week.

    PS: Today we celebrate with my mom her retirement party and was awesome. During the week I will post pictures so, stay tuned,ha.