Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was so excited when I heard that it was supposed to be in the 70's today! Compared to what it's been lately that's like a heat wave. Can't it just be in the 70's all year round, how perfect would that be?!? Craig was off today so we decided to get lunch and head to the park and eat our lunch. We ordered food from one of our favorite local restaurants and then drove through Micky D's for our LARGE cokes (which I don't need-but am addicted to) and to get our Monopoly pieces, because you just never know if you will win big-right? :) Okay maybe not big, but I did win a medium fry today, wooo hooo!

Jace eating pizza, he would not look at the camera...imagine!

Grady was chowing down his pizza, yummy...

So I took the camera and thought can I just get a few good pictures of the boys looking at the camera and smiling? Oh yeah right, this is exactly why I will not get professional family pictures quite yet. I'm not saying we do not have family pictures taken, just not paying for them yet. They will not cooperate no matter what. I can not even bribe them. They are just wild, busy boys and will not hold still for 2 seconds!

I picked Grady up to try and get one of the 2 of us and oh my goodness was he MAD! He threw himself back and bucked me, he just wanted to get down and R-U-N lol, crazy boy!

Daddy smile good :)

Here is a better one of Jace trying to climb up the slide while eating a sucker

Grady was happy here, climbing up and down the jungle gym and going down the slides

I'm not sure where I was looking, the sun was shining so bright- not that I'm complaining at all!!! All in all we had a super fun day! I wish there were more sunny warm days to look forward to, but that's not going to happen much more :(


  1. So glad that today all family spent the day together. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Cute Cute pics.. Your fam is just precious!!!! You are a doll! :)

  3. Oh & LOVING the Michael Buble on your page!!!! LOVE his music!

  4. Your boys are SO cute! i cant get a good pic of mine right now either! BOYS!!

    I am addicted to McD's Coke too!! SO bad :(

  5. girl, you are beautiful!! love your outfit!!
    of course your boys are looking adorable as always!
    you have such a cute family :)
    i have to agree with you mcd's has the best tastes different than normal coke ;)

    have a great weekend sweets!! XO!