Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday was a horrible day in the Jackson house. Jace and Grady have both had really bad coughs and Grady's nose has been running non stop. I have a cold and haven't been feeling so well myself. Yesterday morning Jace got up and starting vomiting. It was more phlegm than anything else since he hadn't ate or drank anything. After drinking a little he continued to throw up several times and it didn't stop. After calling our family doctor and not being able to get in we made the decision to take him to the hospital's E.R. So around 1 we got there and they took his temperature and it was only 96.0, so they took his blood to see how dehydrated he was and and gave him a pill to stop his puking. They also did a chest x-ray to just make sure that they didn't see anything since he had a bad cough and didn't feel the greatest. He did so well during everything, he didn't even shed a tear when they took his blood. Between the nurses, the girl who took his blood and the girl who did his chest x-ray he ended up with about 10 stickers because they were so proud of him and so were we!!! I couldn't believe that he didn't cry when they stuck him, even I HATE when they take mine and want to cry every time! HA! So they decided in the end that he was very dehydrated and probably just had "the flu bug" nothing like h1n1 or anything and just pushed fluids while we were there.

After we got home last night, he was so hungry since he hadn't ate all day and it was about 5:30 when we finally got out of the hospital and wanted some chicken nugget's so bad! So we went to McDonald's and got him some and a sprite, he chowed all of that down and then got on the computer and starting jamming to music. He was back to his old self again! THANK GOD!

Today he was fine. I debated on whether or not to take him to preschool, but it had been a whole 24 hours since his so called "flu bug" as the doctor called it and thought if he is feeling 100% better there is no reason not to send him. He was fine, his teacher even told me how well he is doing lately and that they are proud of him for keeping his shoes on lol! He hates to wear them!
I still don't feel 100% but hopefully this cold will leave soon!

Tonight Craig helped the boys carve pumpkins. Jace has been begging us to do it every night, so they did it and had so much fun. What a mess though, and oh so slimy. I have read about so many people baking the seeds so I collected all of those icky, slimy things and tried my hardest to clean them off. They are drying right now, so I will post the recipe and the results when I finish them! Have any of you ever done this? Is there an easy way to clean them off? I mean they are just so slippery!!!

Check out Grady with his no pants and his boots on, he loves wearing his new boots, so funny! My grandma thought he was so cute like that lol!

So here is the turnout of the pumpkins! Jace thinks they are so scary and cool, he couldn't have been more excited!

I am going to be doing my very 1st give-a-way. I will probably post it on Saturday and am SO excited about it! It is for all of you girly girls out there who love to look pretty so stay tuned for that! It will not disappoint you-I promise!


  1. Thanks God he is feeling much better. I like the pictures carving a pumpkin. It looks like a fun activity.

    I'm anxious to see your giveaway.

  2. glad he is feeling better!! poor little guy!
    you seriously have the cutest family!
    makes me a tad envious! ;)
    all the pictures are cute! love the boots with no pants!
    hope you have a great weekend love bug!