Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow I can't believe that October has came and almost gone already. Where is the time going? I really can't believe that it's almost Halloween and then a few days after that I turn 29 BOOOOO HOOOOO! My last year in my 20's, so sad! I don't want to turn 30, to me that sounds so old and grown up and I don't feel like that at all! HA!

So I bought the boys matching Halloween shirts. I don't usually like to be matchy, matchy but I thought they were so cute and only $5.99 at Target. For the price and the amount of time that they will actually get warn you just can't beat that price! Just look how cute they are...

look how wet Grady's is lol, he drools all the time!!!
They say "Mummy thinks I'm cuter than this candy" awwwww :) I sure do ha ha! Ok I think they are sweet sometimes, but lately all they do is fight and steal toys from one another, one of them is constantly crying or screaming! I hope they grow out of this stage soon, but I'm sure at only being 1 and 4 we have a really LONG road ahead of us!

Jace is going to be a police officer for Halloween which is this Sunday already! I had no idea it was this soon until I saw someone from my town post it of facebook. Thank goodness I just found his costume at T.J. Maxx on Sunday! Ahhhh ok now I really need to get Grady a costume! I wanted him to be a little jailbird since Jace is a cop but I can't find a costume like that any where. Any idea on how or where I can make or buy a black and white striped outfit for a 1 year old? I've looked online only to find them for dogs, adults or older boys :( Or do you have any other idea on what he could be to go along with Jace's cop costume? I would love to hear your thoughts, and FAST!!!! Why do I have to always be such a last minute person....

Check out those muscles in that cop costume! Too funny!!!


  1. i seriously think you have two of the CUTEST little boys!!
    the shirts are adorable and i am loving the cop costume! ;)

  2. Love the Halloween shirts! And You look beautiful in that pic!

  3. Their shirts are cute. Oh, Jace looks so adorable with his police costume.