Sunday, October 11, 2009


The last few days have been so rainy and gloomy outside and so I needed a pick me up. So what more can a girl ask for when she's down and out and the weather is terrible? A shopping day!!! Ha ha! Saturday it was so sunny outside so my mom, grandma and I decided to go shopping. Craig stayed home and watched football, and so the deal was I take Grady and he would take Jace. I said sounds good to me :) So here are a few cute things that I got from Forever 21...

I love these adorable "Glittered Point Toe Flats" I got them in black and they are only $10.50! I should have bought them in every color for that price. They are different than the normal round toe flats, I love the pointy toes
I also got this cute "Dotted Sweater Cardigan" it was $19.80
I love this "Chiffon Applique Cardigan" I got it in black, but the white one is just as cute! It was $22.80

I love Forever 21's jewelry, it's so cheap and they have so many items to choose from. I got this "Sequin Mesh Necklace" for $6.80
I got a really cute flower ring, I couldn't find the picture online but it is very similar to this one, only it has a pearl in the middle. This one is called the "Lacquered Blossom Ring" for $5.80

I didn't see this cardigan there, but I just might have to order it! I love anything ruffly this year and this sweater is adorable! "Blair Ruffle Sweater Cardigan" $17.80
I definitely got my "shopping fix" in and it was just the pick me up that I needed, oh you girls know how that is I'm sure :)

Before we went shopping on Saturday my niece Shiann came over. She is a freshman this year and was going to homecoming. So being the cool aunt that I am, I did her hair and makeup for her! Just because I don't do hair right now, doesn't mean that I don't still love to play dress up and do hair and makeup!!! So here she is! She looked great and told me she had a great time!

Here is the back, you can't tell from the picture but we put a braid in coming back from the side and curled her hair with a flat iron, it looked really cute!
Here she is with Jace and Grady. Jace asked her if she was getting and flower and said "ooohhh la la" he's funny! I can't imagine those 2 going to homecoming some day, but I also can't believe that Shiann is that old already...where does time go! It just means that I am getting older :( booo hooo hooo ha ha!


  1. That was a great shopping day. The clothes are beautiful.

    Have a nice week.

  2. hi there! did you get my email? you won my giveaway! just need your address so i can send you your pink package!!!

  3. LOVE forever 21....i am really gettting the itch to go on a little shopping spree...your post doesnt help :)...cute stuff!!

  4. oh my gosh, 3 annie's on one will never see this again, haha! jk!

    but i LOVE F21 as well! you found some super cute stuff girly!! && you look ADORABLE!! :)