Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today I got a new haircut! It was way overdue. I had been letting it grow for quite some time and decided it was time. After being a hairdresser myself for several years I can handle it for a long time with conditioning products, shine spray to hide the split ends etc., but lately it had just been out of control! So I made an appointment with my friend Haley and had her cut and color it. She lives in a small town about an hour of here. My husband and kids decided to go with me and we left in plenty of time. Well wouldn't you know that we missed our exit and got a little lost! So I was 15 minutes late :( I called her and she didn't mind, but I felt so bad. As a hairdresser 15 minutes can really screw up your schedule if you have other appointments back to back! Thank goodness she had plenty of time until her next client came and it all worked out great :) Here is a picture of my new hair. I got some highlight's and lowlight's put in it and got several inches cut off!

It looks and feels so much better, thank goodness! Thanks Haley-It was so great seeing you again too! Love your shop, it's so cute, and sorry again for being late :(

Monday, September 28, 2009


I am so sorry, I have to be the the worst blogger EVER! I just can't seem to update on a regular basis :( Please forgive me! Ha!

This weekend my grandma had a little family get together with some of her family at my mom's house. She keeps the extended family together. I always wonder when we are older who will keep our extended family together or if we will get together at all?

I was just excited to see baby Emme again! I'm always so excited to see her...okay until she poops on me like she did! I was holding her and she was tooting and I went to rock her to sleep and I thought I better check her diaper and it was ewwww....squishing out the top! Ha! She is still cute though, even if she isn't very lady like yet :)

We decided to "try" and get a few pictures of the boy's and Emme together. That is just a joke! Try getting a 4 year old wild man, a 1 year old busy body, and an 8 month old nosey little girl all to look or smile at the camera. Just look at this picture, little stinkers! This was the best one if you can believe that...

Well at least Sara and I can hold still and get a good picture together...

Sunday we took Jace and Grady to Chuck E. Cheese because Jace got a gift certificate for his birthday. They just built a new one not to far away and it is HUGE inside. It was so nice and the boys had so much fun.

After eating and playing we went to the mall. I had ordered a jacket from Old Navy online and it was not what I thought it was at all. Well I picked the right day to exchange it for something else. They were having a huge clearance/clean-out event and I got 6 really cute things for the price of the jacket! Like this cardigan. I had just purchased this in purple the other day and paid $20 on sale and they had them for $8 bucks! So I got the teal and grey now too!
I got this tank top for $4!

You just couldn't go wrong for the price of things! These are the only 2 I could find online to show you! I need ed some new fall clothing. Today it was so windy and chilly, tomorrow is a high of 57! Can you believe that? I think it was last week we turned the air on because it was so hot and humid out and now it's so cold :( boo! I'm ready for fall clothes, just not fall weather! I ordered some really cute new things from last week, I'll post about them when they arrive! I'm so excited!!!
Back to preschool tomorrow for Jace. Thursday he did really well and his teacher called and left me a voice mail that said he had a really good day (considering he cried on Tuesday when I dropped him off!) and she said that she was really proud of him. That made us feel really good!
Well off to get some zzzzz's...I'll work on updating again soon :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thursday Jace got to take treats to school and celebrate his 4th birthday. We made spiders. They were from the Kraft website and they were actually called "frogs" on there, but we called them spiders and I think they look more like spiders than frogs. They are super easy to make.

What you need:

Mini pretzels
Oreo cookies
White icing

Take 2 mini pretzels and put them side by side. Ice the bottom of 1 oreo cookie and put on top of the pretzels. Then ice the bottoms of 2 M&M's and stick on for eyes. Wa-la! Yep that's it, that easy. Jace then decorated the container with Spiderman stickers. He thought this was just the coolest treat.

Friday we took Jace to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. He really enjoyed it! Saturday was so nice out and made the perfect day for Jace's 4th birthday party. He had a batman party, look how cool he is! Don't ask what he was doing in this 1st picture, he's crazy!

I was so sad because my brother, sister-in-law and baby Emme couldn't make it. Little Emme got hand foot and mouth disease a few days before and she had a bad rash all over her. I 've never heard of this before but apparently it's pretty common and is VERY contagious! We were bummed about that, but they are coming into town this weekend so we will get to see them then!

A couple weeks ago when they were home baby Emme had on her maryjane socks and we put them on Grady. Wouldn't he make a cute little girl, just look at those little feet! Too funny! He also loves shoes. If any of our shoes are laying around he always puts them on! Shhhh don't tell my husband that he's like his momma and LOVES shoes, hey it's o.k. to be in touch with your feminine side - right? :)

So you all know that we have officially moved into my parent's basement. Well I don't know about you but I HATE spiders. Well what do you usually find in basements? That's right- SPIDERS! Don't get me wrong, their basement is very nice and clean...but obviously that doesn't matter... look what came to visit.....

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Talk about scary....I'm just so glad that it didn't crawl over me while I was sleeping, can you imagine waking up to that?!?

Well we are going to go take a walk. I need to get my fat butt into shape!!! Do any of you have any great workout routines that you stick with? I would love to hear them if they don't require a gym!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy 4th birthday Jace!!! Wow it's so hard to believe that four years ago today Jace was born! It's so hard for me to believe that I have a 4 year old. Where has the time went?!? He is growing up way to fast. He is in preschool now. He talks like he is 16. He is so independent and so stubborn! He is the biggest stinker you will ever meet... but we LOVE him anyways :) He is my little man, our little firecracker, daddy's best buddy and his brother's best friend. He is happy and healthy and we couldn't ask for anything more!!! WE LOVE YOU JACE!!!

We are going to take him to the movies tonight and he is having a big party tomorrow to celebrate! He is so excited about going to the theater. We usually rent movies and stay in so this will be so much fun for him. We told him he can get popcorn and candy- what more could a 4 year old ask for!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wow I haven't blogged lately. I don't have many followers but the ones I have (you - if you are reading this) probably don't care to check in and continue to follow because I haven't updated lately! I'm so sorry :( Life has been crazy this last week!

It's been one week since we got the great news that our house sold. Over labor day weekend Craig was off for four days and we got so much moved out of that house! We are moving some things into a storage unit and then some into my parents basement where we will be living for awhile. We are so thankful that they have a huge finished basement, with a living room, bedroom and a full bathroom! We are also so thankful and grateful that they are letting us live with them until we figure our future plans! Moving is not fun. It's like how do you move every single thing that you own out of a 2 story home into a 10 x 15 storage unit and into another house. You don't realize how much that you have, and how much junk that you own, until you have to load it up yourself and haul it away. All I can say is EXHAUSTING!!

On top of moving, Jace started preschool on Tuesday. So that is all new to us and him as well. He has been talking about it non-stop. He is LOVING it. He sings a new clean-up song and talks about the teacher's and other kid's. It's so funny to hear him talk about things that we have no clue about. When you ask him about school he doesn't want to tell you much and then out of the blue he'll just tell you a huge story about something that happened there. The aid today told me that Jace needs to work on his listening skills and his teacher said he's a handful, but a sharp one at that! Then he told me that his teacher said that he's a "wise guy" how funny is that! It's going to be one interesting year!

Grady usually sleeps so good at night and these last few nights have been HORRIBLE. He seems like he is getting a cold and that doesn't help. He's woke up the last two nights screaming and crying and that is totally not him. You usually don't hear a peep out of him all night. Needless to we haven't slept good at all and haven't moved our Sleep Number bed here yet and that doesn't help either. If you guys have never tired a sleep number I would 110% recommend them! They are AMAZING!!!

Well again I am so SORRY for not posting lately and hope you guy's continue to follow me even if I am a horrible blogger HA!

One more thing, it's my mom's 55th birthday today so I just want to say Happy Birthday mom and I love you so much!!! Thanks for all that you do for us, we really do appreciate it!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today is my husband's 31st Birthday!!! Wow when I say that out loud it is hard for me to believe that he is in his 30's and I am almost there. I have 1 more year in my 20's, yes that's right I'll be 29 in November and then the big 3-0! WOW, I'm not sure what 30 is supposed to feel like but I don't feel like I am anywhere close to that age. Then again I also don't feel like Jace should be turning 4 soon and Grady is almost 1 1/2. My mom is going to be 55 in a few short days and that doesn't seem possible either. 55!?! Really? She can't be turning 55, isn't that an age where you start getting senior discounts on certain things? Have you seen my mom? She 110% does not look like she is 55! I hope I look as good as her at that age.

Okay so back to wishing my husband a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Craig. You are (most of the time) an amazing husband and an amazing father! HA!!! Sorry but you are not sometimes drive me insane, but for the most part you are amazing! LOL I LOVE you and our boy's LOVE you so much. He celebrated with his parent's and went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse for lunch, while I went to the new outlets near Cincinnati. (They are very nice if anyone is thinking about going, GO!) Then when I got back we finished watching the Michigan game, yay they won! Then we went and celebrated at our local Mexican restaurant. They put a sombraro on him and brought him some yummy soapapilla! He got some new clothes and a new IPod Touch that he has been drooling over for quite some time! I think he had a great 31st birthday!

I have some really BIG news to blog about to you all!. WE FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE! It's official and it's a done deal. Paper's are signed and we have started packing and moving already. If that isn't the best birthday present EVAH!!! 7 years we've lived in this house. It was our very 1st home. It's been good to us, but we are so EXCITED that it finally sold, after being on the market for way over 2 years! It's been a long, frustrating process..but we now see the light at the end of the tunnel..well almost after we get 7 years worth of things packed and ready to put in storage. Ughhhh the fun begins! Honestly though I don't care. We are that excited to get rid of this house, so I will do anything, including packing and shipping out if that's what comes with the whole package! We have 30 days to get out, but we plan on being out around Jace's birthday weekend which is the 18th of this month!

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and will update you all soon and post some pictures of our empty house and the SOLD sign in our front yard! I LOVE that sign!!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jace & Craig
Jace and I. I wish he would have had his eyes more opened in the 1st one, I like it better than the 2nd! He is getting so big, I LOVE him so much!!!

Well preschool orientation went well. I think Jace is excited. They took all of the preschool kids together into a classroom while the head teacher discussed the handbook and everything with us and Jace didn't hesitate to go at all. One little boy just cried, he did not want to leave him mommy! Jace was ready, he loves other kids and I know he will do just fine come Tuesday. His 4h birthday is on the 18th and he has school the 17th so he will get to bring treats for his class and they will celebrate. I think he will have so much fun! Do you all have any good "treat" ideas for 4 and 5 year old. The teacher made a comment if you bring cupcakes please don't load them with icing. HA! I worked at a daycare and I know how messy kids can get. Just with lunch it used to be crazy, food everywhere! Can you imagine 15 4 year old's with colored icing all over - ugggghhhhh I know what she meant when she said please don't do that! So any non-messy ideas would be great thanks!

Tomorrow is the big closing day. I'm so EXCITED ahhhhh! I just can't believe it still. Tomorrow can not come fast enough so I know that it is real! Then the fun begins, packing, moving, figuring out whats next. I don't even know how to move, or pack. We have lived here since before we got married and for a total of like 7 years! WOW our 1st house, that is a long time. I never would have thought that we would have lived here 7 years. Just crazy to me! We are so ready to move on, it's been a good house for us, but it is time to gooooooooooooooo! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We received some really GREAT news today. After having our house for sale for over 2 years it is finally going to sell! We are closing on it on Thursday. I can not even believe this. I don't think it will really hit me until I see that SOLD sign hanging in our yard! We have waited oh so patiently while it seems like every other house around us or anywhere near in our town has sold. It has been a very frustrating process. We've had so many showings that it's not even funny. I can't even tell you how many times that Craig and I have worked our butts off cleaning and getting it ready for another "sorry their not interested" result. We always thought maybe this will be the one, and after so many we just gave up. It was like here we go, cleaning for nothing I'm sure. So you can imagine how EXCITED we are right now. It feels like we've waited so long for this day to come. I can't wait until I see the signed papers on Thursday. I think I will jump up and down and I might even get so excited that I might pee my pants (inside joke, sorry lol)!!! I can't wait to take a picture of me standing in front of that "SOLD" sign and post a picture for you all! You all are probably asking well where are you moving? We are going to move in with my parent's for a little while until we figure out our plans. It will just be nice to take a breather and figure out what is next for us. Please pray for us and pray that everything goes good between here and Thursday at 4 p.m.!!!

Tonight we have orientation for Jace at his preschool. This will be a big change for him and me as well. It will be so different for us 2 days a week while he is at school. I have no idea what he will think or do on that 1st day. He absolutely LOVES being around other kids so I'm sure he will do just fine. He is so ornery and all boy though, so let's hope he stays out of trouble there! HA!!

Well I just thought since I haven't blogged in awhile I would give you an update. I hate to blog without pictures but this is going to have to do until tomorrow. I will take pictures of us before orientation or at the preschool, so look forward to those :)

Have a great day everyone!