Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have nothing exciting to blog about so I thought I would blog about bargain shopping! We all love bargains and my mom and I are the queen's of bargain shopping! We hardly E-V-A-H buy anything regular price. We love getting more for our money... So your thinking all of that really for under $30??? Yes $28 to be exact!!!

I love everything in this picture, it's all so bright and summery...and I love it even more because it was all so cheap! So I will tell you where I got it from and how much I spent on each!

1. Watch - Wal-Mart- $5.00
2. Max Factor Lip Finity 3D MAXwear Lip Color - Big Lots - $2.00
3. Cover Girl Mascara - Dollar General - $2.00
4. Bright bling rings - K-Mart - $3.00 each
5. The 2 necklaces on the left one is Avon & one is Mark - Big Lots - $3.00 each
6. The purple necklace on the right is Merona from Target but we got it at Goodwill with the tags still attached - $3.00
7. The shirt is NY&CO bought at Goodwill - $4.00 (Looks brand new)

Do you all bargain shop? My mom and I have never been in a Goodwill before and there was one right by Big Lots the other day and we thought what the heck. Honestly it kind of gave me the ebbie jeebies... I'm just not a garage sale shopper, I don't like to root through things and especially when they are used. I know that's terrible, I was excited though that we found a few things. I also found Grady a super beachy Tommy Hilfiger shirt that is light blue, orange and white stripes for $1!!! You can't beat that! I'm sure you could find lots in there if you shopped often, but there is definitely a lot of really old stuff compared to the few great things we did find!

I LOVE Big Lots. They always have something named brand for a really great price. Like the Avon and Mark necklaces seen above. $3 really? You can't get much cheaper than that and I've seen the catalogs and some of their necklaces sell for $15-$30 so I thought that was a great bargain! Big Lots also has so much named brand makeup and it's all usually $2 & $3, gotta love that!

Let's talk about the rings from K-Mart. I loved how big and bright they were. So fun for summer and for only $2.99 I was like awesome. They were supposedly "clearanced." They had a big red sticker on the front that said was $7.99 now $2.99, I thought awesome what a deal..until I turned to the back of the little card the ring was on and it had the original price printed on the card that said $2.99! A bargain huh? Talk about marking things up and then marking them back down to make them "look" like a deal. Isn't that false advertising? I bought them anyways because they were still cheap and super cute, but that made me mad!

Last but not least Dollar General. I stop there once in awhile as they do have some great prices on some things and then some are not so great but they want you to think they are since you are buying them in a "dollar store." $2 for CoverGirl Mascara, I'll take it!

Well I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! My husband is off Fri, Sat and Sun so I'm excited about that! My sister and her 2 little guys are coming to visit and I'm so excited to see them. I've only seen baby Dallas once so I can't wait to see him and hold him! Jace was so bummed that the weather cancelled their trip last weekend, he's been waiting to see his buddy Cody for so long!

Well I'm off to finish watching the Idol. What do you all think of it this year? A little boring so far? We think so. I have a few favorites like Andy Garcia, Alex Lambert and Lee Dewise for the guys and for the girls I really like Lilly Scott she's my fave. My husband loves Crystal Bowersock, she's good just not my fave. I wish that Lacey Brown would get a little more confidence and sing a little better because she is soooooooooo cute!!! I love her hair and her outfits and she has the prettiest eyes!!! They are like Martina McBrides eyes...why can't I have eyes like that, ha!


  1. Great deals!
    Have you ever shopped at any stores like Once Upon a Child?
    I love finding good deals too.

  2. I love to get a deal...I HATe buying things at full price. Looks like you got some goodies! I am not a garage sale shopper either...but good for you for venturing in to Good Will!! We used to have a Big Lots but it went out of business...SAD!!
    We have all of the same favs on American Idol. Its kinda hard to tell just yet b/c there are still so many. Crystal is my fav girl and Lee is my fav boy as of right now!

  3. Wow look at you! Can you come help me shop? I never find good deals!

  4. im the biggest bargain hunter ever! my friends kid and say they want me to be their personal shopper lol! you got some cute stuff too! i love crystal bowersocks and the garcia guy has such a good story!