Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt


Saturday morning my mom went to the bakery and got the kids Easter cookies. They were soooooo good! I love anything from the bakery, so much better than the grocery store.

After lunch we went to an Easter egg hunt at my mom's work. Jace just couldn't wait to get there, he was soooooo excited!!!

When we got there they all ready had candy and eggs all over the gym for their age group. Grady wanted to get down and play so bad, but he also couldn't stay out of things, so Craig held him and that just made him mad!
They both got their pictures taken with "The Easter Bunny" Jace loved that and Grady just wasn't sure what to think.

They both got lots of eggs and even won a few prizes so they were excited about that. After we left my mom, grannybug, Grady and I headed to the Cincinnati Premium Outlets to do a little shopping! I got a few cute things like these jelly shoes! I love the jelly with the buckle, such a fun funky contrast! My mom got yellow ones just like them, they will be so fun for summer!

Well I need to get Jace ready for swim lessons tonight. I hope he behaves, he is just a little stinker when we are there, imagine that!!!

I also have a few more fun reviews coming up, so make sure you keep checking back for those. Have a great Monday everyone :)


  1. I love how the cats made sure to be in the picture! Your boys are too cute!

  2. Egg hunts always are so fun. Great pictures.

    Have a great week.

  3. The boys are sooo adorable I feel like I say that everytime but they get more and more adorable everytime. ha! Im going to schedule a phone conference soon! I will send you the memo, which will consist of a text saying, "I am about to call you!" Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

  4. how fun! and seriously yall are the best looking family--I think yall belong in a magazine!