Monday, March 1, 2010


Tonight was Jace's 2nd session of swim lessons. With my parents having a pool it scares me to death having two wild boys that don't know how to swim. Jace always does really good as long as he wears his Puddle Jumper- or his frog as he calls it.

I really want him to not have to rely on it the older he gets though. He was so comfortable in the water this summer and now being out of the water for so long he is just a little timid. Well sort of.... with his water belt on he just wants to go, but when it comes to getting his eyes wet or jumping off the diving board he is a little reserved! He assures me he can swim though, just watch mom as I hold my nose he says! Ha ha! Well that's not good enough, I want my kids to be like fish in the water. I have 2 cousins that are so active in swim team and they are only 11 and 13 and that is exactly how I want my kids to be in the pool!!!

We are in a 7 week class right now and I think I will just keep him going from level to level until summer gets here. He loves and it asks when he can go swimming again. Ahhh look at those pictures above, I can not wait until summer arrives! Today it was about 40 degrees and it sort of felt like a heat wave compared to all of the snow and cold temperatures we've had lately. I'll take 90 any day of the week! I am so not a cold weather girl. Is it just me or does winter just get depressing? I like to be outside, in the pool, taking walks and winter just gets to me after awhile.

Complete change of subject but are you all ready for The Bachelor finale tonight? Honestly I am usually so excited about it, but not tonight. I don't like Jake at all and we've all heard that he's going to pick Vienna. I think they will probably be perfect for each other. I think he is so odd...everything about him is weird- his smile, his personality, just the way he talks! Sorry if you like him ha ha!

Well it's about to come on so we will see if the "spoilers" are right! You just never know, maybe he will pick one and change his mind, or maybe he won't pick either....we've seen it all before!


  1. Swim lessons, great idea.

    I live in country surround by beaches but I don't know anything about swimming, in fact, I don't like the beach and just like a little pools.

    Have a nice week.

  2. I totally agree about Jake! So many girls think he is so great...I think he is just bizarre! Hopefully the two of them will be a happy odd couple! haha!

  3. I agree with you about Jake!!! I don't think they will last !!

  4. I can’t stand Jake OR they are a match made in heaven! Can you believe that he is now going to be in Dancing with the Stars?? Apparently he isn’t much of a pilot any more...he went from The Bachelorette, to the Bachelor, to DWTS...I guess he just wants to be a reality tv star....DORK.

    I just signed Blake up for his 1st swim lessons. My parents live on a lake, so I want him to feel comfortable in the water!!

  5. im right there with you on jake, he's a big cheese ball to me ha! seriously, he could right a soap for abc. and vienna, bless her heart.

    my kids also love swimming, and austin has mastered it, so brooklynn is the only one left to take lessons and will start soon! i wish i was in that beautiful pool.