Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Fun

Wow it's been so nice out and I am loving all of this sunshine! We had such a fun weekend. Saturday my sister and her two little guys came to visit everyone. We ordered pizza for lunch and hung out all day. It is crazy now with 5 little ones when we all get together. Talk about busy, busy!

We tried getting a picture of Grannybug with all of the kids and oh my what a task! Imagine that Jace was not cooperating and being silly as usual!

So then we added my mom to the picture and that was even harder. She was laughing so hard and everyone else was just doing their own thing! Too funny!
And then finally Jenny and I got in the picture too. For having 9 of us together I think it turned out pretty well! Josh and Sara went furniture shopping so we kept little Emme with us and they missed out on all of these wonderful photos :(

I got to hold sweet baby Dallas again! He is so cute! We got him his 1st pair of little jeans and that little man shirt he has on. What a little stud he is already, ha ha! Dallas was born with a cleft lip and has to have surgery to fix it soon. It's not very bad thank goodness and the doctors think one surgery should do the trick! It doesn't bother him a bit, he eats so good and he doesn't seem to notice it's there.

His big brother Cody seems to love him to pieces, he's adjusted to his new brother so well!

Of course I had to get a picture with little Emme. She's not so little anymore though, she's walking everywhere and getting into everything. She's quite the drama queen too! She fake cries and it's so funny. She tries to sing and can say hi!

Of course Grady has no pants on, he strips everyday, all day! I feel like all I do is dress that kid...and he even takes his diaper off. Ughhhh it's so frustrating. Today I found him sitting on his potty chair no diaper and poo poo all over it! So disgusting-UGHHHH! He went in his diaper and then attempted to go on the potty I guess. He did end up peeing in the potty. I guess he is telling me he is ready. I just don't feel like he is old enough to be consistent yet, especially since he can only say certain words and isn't speaking in sentences yet! Maybe I'm wrong? I guess we will just see how interested he becomes.

We ended the day with a trip to a local restaurant called Candlelight Inn. Grannybug took us all out and it was sooooo yummy!!! Thank you Granny!

Well I'm off to watch Molly & Jason's wedding. Not sure how long I'll watch it, why are these shows always 2 hours? Speaking of the Bachelor, can you guys believe that Jake is going to be on Dancing With The Stars? CRAZY! They have some big names on there this season it should be interesting!


  1. Aww how fun!!!! Cute pics! That cracks me up about Grady!

  2. I love all the family pictures! How fun!! And the one with Grady just in the shirt and tie is precious:)

  3. cute pics! girl i watched the wedding and it was so good! molly and jason seem to really be in love and she looked beautiful at the wedding!!!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Cute Kiddos!

  5. Hello. Um.... how adorable are all of those kiddos!?!? We need to catch up soon!

  6. The pictures of the 9 of you turned out great!!

    I cant believe that Jake is on DWTS. I am not a Jake fan...but who knows if he can dance!!?

  7. all you ladies have on bright fun spring colors! i love it!!
    the kiddos all look ADORABLE, as always!! how fun for them all to hang out :)
    sounds like you have a little stinker (stripper) on your hands ;)

  8. happy family, great pictures, adorable babies! :)

  9. The pictures are great!! So glad you enjoyed the weekend with your beautiful family.