Friday, April 23, 2010

Kelly's Korner is hosting

Show us your life- How you met your husband, I did this post last year sometime but thought I would repost it and participate this week! My husband and I will be married 7 years on April 26th! I can't believe it's been that long.

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1. WHO ARE WE? Craig 31 - Jenna 29 - Jace 4 - Grady 1 - Harleigh 6 (the dog)

2. WHEN DID OUR FAMILY START? April 26th 2003 was our wedding day. Jace was born September 18th 2005 and Grady was born April 1st 2008! He's our April fool's baby!

3. HOW LONG DID YOU DATE BEFORE YOU WERE ENGAGED? About 3 months! It's hard for me to look back and think we only dated 3 months before we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Almost 7 years later now we look back and think wow, we were so young and maybe we would have both thought twice....KIDDING! ha! We do joke about it but we love each other and can't imagine being with anyone else :)

4. HOW DID YOU MEET? My mom and I had just bought cell phones from the Verizon Wireless booth inside Wal-Mart and we sent my grandma out to buy one a few weeks later. She started talking to the handsome Verizon guy and told him that her daughter and granddaughter sent her. He asked her who they were and she told him. He knew who I was and said something to the effect that I was cute. She told him I was single and told him to call me! She came over and told me that and I was like "yeah right." She said she was serious and oh my goodness was I embarrassed!!! He didn't call right away and my grandma went back out there and told him he had better call me! OH MY GOSH!!! He called and I told him that he DID NOT have to call me just because my grandma threatened him LOL! He said he did however want to go out after all of that ha! So we went out and have been together ever since! :) THANK YOU granny-bug!

5. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? I am a stay at home mom. I was a hairstylist for a few years. I still love to do hair and play with makeup but I love my boy's so much and love spending time with them everyday! Craig is an Asset Protection Manager for a large retail chain.

6. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? We are both from the same small town in Ohio!

7. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO FOR FUN? We love spending time with our kids, watching movies, I love to shop, Craig loves football, the boys like to fight ha ha!

8. WHY DID YOU START A BLOG? To let our family and friends stay up to date on our lives and to meet new friends through blogging! I love when I get comments on my blog and I love leaving comments on others! It's a fun community to be in :)

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know us a little better.


  1. CUTE story about how you met ... God bless grannies. Mine was CONVINCED that I would marry Josh Turner :) and that's funny that you're both from Ohio but are Michigan fans!

  2. I love that story! Yay for grandma! So cute!

  3. Great story, thanks for sharing it.

    Happy Friday.

  4. Cute story! I wish my grandma lived close enough to set me up like that.

  5. oh my, looooove that story! super cute blog! :)