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I love baby names and could look at them all day so I thought I would participate in Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" link up this week! It's also Mother's Day so what a perfect time to do this post too! So I will first tell my kids names and how we got them! When I was pregnant with my first of course we had to find out what we were having. I hate surprises and always have to be in the know. I know that's terrible, but that's just how I am and have always been. So we knew that we were having a boy and I used to love to watch the reality t.v. show Big Brother . On season 5 there was a guy on there, who was actually a total jerk but his name was Jase and I loved it! I didn't really like the spelling so we changed the s to a c and that's where we got Jace! I have no idea where we got his middle name I'm sure it was out of a name book but we thought that Carter sounded really good with Jace and so that's where we got


On to baby #2! I always wanted a girl but when we went to find out what we were having Craig and I both had a feeling it was going to be another boy. Sure enough, there was no doubt that we were having a boy this time as well! We scanned baby books as well as hospital web nursery's and one day I saw the name Grady. I fell in love with it. I had never heard of it before and Craig liked it as well. When we told my family they had actually knew a guy named Grady and I'm not sure they liked it, but it didn't matter because we were set on it. After I told more people they informed me that there is a baseball player from our home state, Ohio named Grady Sizemore who plays for the Cleveland Indians! I thought that was crazy. So then I found the name Quinn and thought Grady Quinn sounded so good together and I told my husband and he said that sounds like Brady Quinn who is a football player for the Cleveland Browns! Wow I know little about sports and had no idea who Grady Sizemore or Brady Quinn was, and they both play sports for Cleveland teams which is really crazy to me!!! We were still set on it though and I still love the name


So now on to my girls names. I would have never thought that I would have 2 boys in my entire life. I guess that God just knew that I was girly enough for the whole family and so that's why he blessed me with a house full of boys! I am fine with that though and love my husband and 2 boys more than anything in the world :) Of course we have had a girls name picked out just in case we did have a girl and we loved the name Gracie, which I guess is a combination of Jace and Grady together if you think about it! Craig and I both love that name. I used to love the name Harleigh, which is our dogs name now, but it was a character on Guiding Light and I always thought it was so neat and different. I do love it for a dog but probably wouldn't name a little girl that just because I like other names better. Here is a list of some names that I would probably choose now if I were pregnant, which I'm not and don't plan to be again...just saying :) ha!


  1. Beckham.... it's such a strong name and hey who doesn't think that David Beckham is kind of hot!
  2. Brice... Craig really liked this name when we had Grady, I like it but wasn't feeling it with him.
  3. Fletcher...I LOVE this name, I can just see little Fletch running around, ha! Craig absolutely hates it :(
  4. Graham... just so cute to me!
  5.'s just different and I like it.

  1. Gracie...the name we would name a little girl if we would have had one!
  2. husband wouldn't have it, but I LOVE this name so much!
  3.'s my aunts cats name, but I still like it!
  4. Campbell...or Cami for short...I guess I have always like Campbell Brown's name and just really like it.
  5. I can't even think of another girl name that I really like. Nope not even one?
Well I want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all are enjoying my reviews and give-a-ways that I have been posting. I haven't done a regular post in so long and thought this be so much fun to do! Check back soon for a really fun give-a-way to be posted and make sure you get your entries in for the few still going on like the Strider PREbike and the SodaStream give-a-way!

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  1. Have a wonderful day.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You look beautiful!!

  3. LOVE all of your names :)...I was always convinced I would have a girl I bet I would have 100 boys if I had that many kids :)

    Hope that your mothers day was great!!