Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation Part 1

Hey everyone, we are finally back from vacation! We had such a great time and although I'm sad it's come to an end, I'm also very glad to be home. There's just no place like home, ya know! Jace was sleeping when we got home late the other night and we tucked him right into bed. When he woke up in the morning and realized we were home and he said "YESSSS!!! I love home!" Too cute!
So I will tell you about our vacation... We left last Friday and started driving towards Minnesota. You're probably thinking, Minnesota? What's in Minnesota? Well it's the home of The Mall of America! That's right...we all know I LOVE to shop and to The Mall of America we went...

It was soooo fun! I couldn't believe how big it actually was. It had everything you could imagine in it. On the 1st day we went to the Aquarium and the boys loved it.!

they loved playing in the playland at the aquarium with daddy

Jace was very curious about all of the fish and LOVED touching some of the things that you were allowed to like the start fish

We all enjoyed the indoor theme park at the mall called Nickolodeon Universe

Jace got to ride some of the bigger rides and loved all but one...I took him on a pretty fast roller coaster that spinned you around as you went up and down hills and he turned ghostly white :( I felt terrible! He did love the ghost busters ride though that took you through a haunted house type thing and you got to blast the ghosts and you got points, he LOVED that one althought it scared Grady a little!

(this is the huge Lego store shown above- it was awesome)

He loved the bumper cars, the log ride, the big roller coasters and Grady loved all of the little rides like the bus that went up in the air and around, the carousel, the train and many more!

We even got to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody! The boys were sooooo excited

okay well Craig and I were a little excited too, ha ha

we had to get arm bands and wait in line because they were only there at certain times and it was so busy. So in the meantime a radio station was putting a little game show on and it was Father's day and they asked for volunteers to come up and play a games. Jace, Grady and Craig all went up on stage and Craig had to strap on this hat with a bowl on top and the boys had to throw Mickey Mouse dolls and Craig had to try and catch them in his hat against another dad and his son! It was so funny! Both boys won a Toy Story 3 puzzle so they were thrilled about that!

Doesn't Craig look handsome in his hat and goggles LOL...

At the mall they also had so many live characters and the boys met so many different they met Ming Ming from the Wonderpets

and Linny too

they absolutely loved meeting Sponge Bob and even met Patrick later, but I didn't have my camera because we were riding rides at that time...

Grady was amazed at how big and real he was, it was cute...

they also met Dora and Diego, Blue from Blues Clues, Avatar and a few more, but I didn't have my camera with me then either :(

here we ate at a fun tropical restaurant in the mall called Kokomo's Island Cafe...

my yummy fish tacos

Grannybug, Grady, Jace and I at the restaurant! I think there are 50 some restaurants in the mall

Look how big this ferris wheel is, so fun!

Here they are in the middle seat of the bus ride...

Jace loved the bummer cars

here is Craig and Jace on the log ride, it took you through a whole lumberjack theme ride and went down 2 big hills, it was so much fun! Jace and I went on it first and he laughed so hard...

There they go through the tunnel!

and then my FAVORITE part of the mall...of course the whole reason we went....the shopping! I had to get a picture of myself in front of the QVC store for my sister-in-law Sara. She loves QVC so I had to check it out! If you want to go shopping you should definitely shop at the Mall of America! They have over 500 stores, and I think Craig read that they are going to add another 400 sometime in the future! They have EVERYTHING you can think of! A few of my favorites were For Love 21 which is Forever21's store that is only accessories! I loved the J.Crew there, they had a huge clearance room and everything was so cheap for myself and the boys! They had a Bare Essentials store, a huge DSW shoe store, Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, and everything imaginable there! It was shoppers paradise for sure! I love shopping at 77 Kids for the boys, and they are opening one sometime this's going to be the 2nd in the US, I'm a little disappointed we missed out on that but I guess it will give us a reason to go back sometime! If you plan to go, make sure you give yourself enough time. I know we certainly didn't see everything we wanted to because it was a little hard to venture everywhere and keep the boys occupied at the same time. If I were to ever go back I would definitely fly as the airport is directly across from the mall and there are so many hotels in walking distance as well!

Well that is only part 1 of our vacation, we ventured on to Wisconsin Dells from there and stayed at a huge hotel that had an indoor/outdoor waterpark at it! More to come from the rest of our vacation soon...


  1. What a huge mall? I like all the things for kids,wow.

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  2. Looks like you all had a great time!! I didn't realize there was so many kid friendly things at the mall of america!!

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