Thursday, January 6, 2011

WarmlyYours- Under Rug Area Warmer Review...

Oh my goodness it is freezing here in Ohio again! Last week it actually warmed up to about 50 and all of the snow melted. Today it just had to start snowing again and the roads are so slick! I'm so thankful that we don't have anywhere to go tonight and we can just enjoy the warm house.

Our house and floors are a little bit warmer thanks to our new Area Rug Heater from WarmlyYours. I had never seen one of these until now and we are loving it. What is it you ask?
WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmers ($199) fit discreetly beneath area rugs to add soothing, radiant heat without unsightly vents or portable heaters. No installation is required, simply plug in the system for a quick and easy way to add warmth and comfort to any room in your home.

So when the WarmlyYours product arrived I wasn't sure what to expect. Well let me tell you this product works so well and is SO EASY to use! Seriously all you do is plug this very thin (less than a 1/4" thick) warmer in and put your rug right over top of it.

It instantly starts warming up underneath your rug and feels soooo good! We just put new tile floors in our home and can you say brrrrrr! Well problem solved with this! The boys love laying on the rug and Craig and I love the extra heat it provides on our new floors!

WarmlyYours has so many other neat products too. They actually have Floor Heating Systems so that you can install it under tile floors (and many others as well) and have heated floors all of the time- oh how I would have loved to do this in the new house, especially in the bathroom!

Another neat product they sell is Snow Melting Systems which can be installed to heat your driveway, patio, walkway, and stairways how awesome would this be! My husband would love to never have to shovel again!

They also have products like Towel Warmers, Mirror Defoggers and Under Desk Heaters! If warm and cozy is your "thing" then you definitely want to check out all of the products that WarmlyYours has to offer!!!

To view all of their awesome products please go to:


I want to say a huge thank you to WarmlyYours for sending us one of their awesome products to review FREE of charge! The things you read above are the honest opinions of the products reviewed and I was in no way paid to say anything you read here!


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