Monday, February 28, 2011

The SurfShelf & The Zhip Review...



I was recently sent 2 really cool products to test out. One is for the laptop/treadmill and one for our iPod Touch. They are the SurfShelf Treadmill Desk and the Zhip which is a product that instantly turns your Smartphone or iPod Touch into an on-the-go entertainment center!

We use our laptop/treadmill and iPod Touch daily so when Randy Fenton (pictured above) the founder of these two products offered to send us one of each, we couldn't wait to try them out!

So first off let me tell you about the SurfShelf. If you are like my husband and I we dread the treadmill, not because we don't need to get on it and lose some weight but because it is so boring! Since moving into our new home we have it in our spare room and have no tv in there yet, so if we don't have music playing we hate to even get on it. Well the SurfShelf is the perfect solution to this problem and has made our workouts so much more fun and entertaining.

The SurfShelf Treadmill Desk is a portable laptop desk/shelf that you easily attach to your treadmill and within minutes you have a place to sit your laptop or a portable dvd player. Your laptop securely sits on the SurfShelf letting you watch virtually any tv show, music video or anything else that you find "surfing" online!
My husband and I absolutely LOVE this product.

For only $39.95 you can get one of these and your workouts will never be the same! I have a few shows that I watch each week and now I can watch my hour show online AND get an awesome workout in! Most shows online can be watched with little to no commercials cutting the show down to about 45 min instead of an hour which I LOVE too!! I can also tune in to a free music station and have music blaring right in front of me which is so much fun.

The SurfShelf fits 99% of all Treadmills and can hold up to 60 lbs. It features a Velcro strap to securely hold your laptop on and has holes to vent your laptop or dvd player so it never gets too hot. It works with ANY laptop on the market even ones with 17-inch wide screens (or bigger). It is virtually shatterproof as is made of 100% Polycarbonate, the same stuff used to make bullet proof glass! The SurfShelf is completely transparent so you can still see your exercise machine settings and has adjustable angle settings to fit any exercise machine console. Use it while on the treadmill, exercise bike or even the elliptical machine!

To see how the SurfShelf works please watch this video below! It's very simple to hookup as shown in the video and soon you'll be working out longer and having more fun...

Zhip it. Clip it. Go! To watch movies and more. Anytime, Anywhere!

Next is the Zhip (pronounced zip) which turns your iPod Touch or Smartphone into an instant on-the-go entertainment center.

So how does the Zhip work? It uses a sturdy , 'no drop' three-foot extendable zip cord to anchor any Smartphone or or iPod Touch to many different surfaces making it your go to entertainment center.
You can anchor it from a piece of exercise equipment to enjoy your favorite music or shows while working out, the back of a car seat to entertain your kids with their favorite movie, on the back of an airplane seat so you can enjoy your favorite selection on a long flight or even the kitchen cabinet, a stroller or anywhere else you need it so you have an entertainment center at your finger tips.

The Zhip also lets you enjoy your iPod Touch or Smartphone right at your desk by using it as an extendable desk top stand. My kids love their daddy's iPod Touch so this makes it easy for them to use and makes my husband feel a little bit better about letting them watch things on it. We've hung it on the back of the seat in the car and let the boys watch movies. Jace thinks it's so cool. I can't wait until it starts getting warmer and I can anchor this onto the stroller so I can have music while Grady and I take a stroll or attach it to the snack tray so he can play games without being able to throw it off!


Check out this video below to see just how the Zhip works. It's so easy to use and soon you will be "zhiping" it everywhere...

You will be happy to know that the Zhip retails for only $14.95 so it's a small investment for such a cool product!!

I want to thank Randy Fenton the creator of both of these very cool and useful products for sending us one of each to try out, review and to feature to all you free of charge!!

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