Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where have I been?!?...


I feel like you all probably think that I have disappeared over the last few weeks... well I haven't! We have just been crazy busy moving into our new home, trying to get everything organized and all settled in. After living with my parents for over a year and a half our house is finally finished and we are finally moved in! So I thought that I would share a few house photos with you all so that you can see where I have been! Before I show you I want to tell you ALL that I have some wonderful reviews and give-a-ways coming your way soon- so PLEASE be patient with me... :)

This is where it all began... with a big muddy hole

and then a little stone,

and a little cement...

and lots of boards!

Then there were tons of decorating decisions that led to a finished product here is a glimpse of our new home...

we have a very open floor plan that we LOVE! Here are some pictures of our kitchen, living room and dining room! We have lots of decorating ahead of us but we are so THANKFUL that it is finally done and that it turned out so beautiful :)

Here is a picture of the boys bedroom. They are sharing for now... now if only we can get them to stay in their room all night! It's just a huge adjustment for them but overall they love it! Grady our 2 year old runs around the house singing "I love my new house, I love my new house!" it's so cute! :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed the long overdue pictures and again thank you so much for being so patient while we try and get settled! I have some really awesome reviews and give-a-ways coming your way in the next few weeks that I am so excited about, can't wait to share them with you all!


  1. Love your kitchen and your big open family room!!

  2. Congrats on the new house being finished!

  3. Your kitchen is to die for! Wishing you many wonderful memories in your new home : )

  4. Very, very nice.
    Cute about the boys running through the house saying they Love Their New House.