Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Grady!!!


Even though you aren't so little any more...

Three years ago today we had our 2nd little boy Grady Quinn! If you all can believe it I knew I was going to have him on April Fools Day! Oh my goodness was I huge and miserable and my doctor said he could induce me on that day. I think he thought I would say noway, but I was terribly uncomfortable and just so ready to get get my little man out of me! So April Fools Day it was and that is no joke, ha!

Daddy & Mommy love you so much!!

I thought for sure that he would be the only April Fools day baby we would know but that is not the case at all! My great aunts birthday is actually April 1st and then I have a 2nd cousin that had an April Fools baby as well. We were also shopping at Ikea the other day and waiting on an elevator and when the door opened it was packed so we had to wait for another one. Well we happened to get on the elevator with only one other woman and she was saying how cute our boys were and she was guessing their ages and she guessed Jace as 5 and Grady as 3 and I said well he will be 3 in just a few short days and he's our little fool because his birthday is April 1st and she said oh my goodness how cool my husbands birthday is April 1st too. She thought it was so neat that she had to go get her husband and bring him over to us- it was too cute!

So I guess our little guy is not the only person born on such a fun day! We always joke and say he's our little fool forever :) and I wouldn't change it for anything!! I always think though what's it going to be like for him in a few years when he starts school and Aprils Fools Day comes and he tries to tell everyone it's his birthday? I'm sure no one will believe him, it might just be a lot of fun for him- I hope so anyways!!

So here's to our little GQ man! We love you SO MUCH Grady Quinn!!

Some things to note on your 3rd birthday-

You are finally potty trained! A few weeks ago you could care less if you went in your diaper and for some reason you just decided you didn't want them anymore and pretty much broke yourself. Mommy and daddy are so happy that is was so easy and we didn't really have to do anything! YAY!!

You talk so well. The things you say sometimes just crack us up!!

You love your brother and look up to him so much but you are also very competitive with him! You race to see who can get undressed first when taking a bath. You make mommy and daddy see who can get you buckeled in the car fastest. You see who can finish lunch fastest.

You love all of your grandparents and they all love you so much! You especially love your great grannybug- she says you're her boy:)

You also love to do anything your brother does and that makes him angry! You have to have anything he wants and get mad if it's not the same thing! You think Jace is the funniest thing ever and will laugh at anything he says :)

You have a temper like no other! If you don't get your way you say "I'm running away and go throw yourself down!" it's super cute :)

Happy Happy Birthday!!! We LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! :)

LOVE- Daddy, Mommy & Jace


  1. Happy birthday to your precious boy!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. He is SOOOO adorable! :)

  3. Happy birthday to you sweet baby!! He is SOOO stinking cute!!