Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MyChime- Wireless soundcard doorbell by Honeywell review...

We have been in our home for over a month now and one of the most important things we needed when moving in was a doorbell. I mean you have to have a doorbell so that you know when you have visitors!

Well we were recently sent the neatest doorbell from Honeywell! It's called the MyChime doorbell. You're probably thinking a neat doorbell? A doorbell is a doorbell right? WRONG! The MyChime wireless doorbell is so different than just a doorbell that dings.

The MyChime has sounds cards that let's you easily change your home's chime tune to suit your fancy or the season!
That's right with the MyChime doorbell you can easily change the sound to fit your homes needs or moods!

We received the Holiday soundcard and the Christmas soundcard. Let me tell you these are so fun!!
The Holiday Soundcard is loaded with chimes like Howling Werewolf, Santa's Sleighbells, America the Beautiful, Auld Lang Syne and We Wish You a Merry Christmas! Now we can have a chime for every holiday throughout the year - let me tell you I love these as much as my kids love these! They are constantly ringing the doorbell now :)

The Christmas soundcard is loaded with songs like Santa's Sleighbells, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Oh we can't wait until the holiday season comes around again, our house is going to be so festive this year!

Honeywell also offers a Halloween soundcard and a Sports soundcard all of which can be purchased for only $9.99 each!
We are loving our new, fun doorbell. It's so fun to hear a catchy tune when someone arrives at our home! It's also so fun to see our guest's reaction when they are hear it play! They are always surprised to hear such a fun chime and always want one of these for their own homes!

The MyChime is very easy to program, is very loud and clear, has 4 volume settings and is preloaded with 7 tunes like the 3-note Westminister, 8-note Westminister, Bach's First Movement, Take Five (jazz short), Stella the Starlight (jazz short), Cartoon Short and my favorite Dance on the Sugar Plum Fairies!

You can purchase the MyChime doorbell for around $50 at and with it you will receive the wireless charm that can be portable or wall mounted, 1 rainproof doorbell push button that is made from UV resistant plastic, and the Holiday soundcard along with the 7 pre-loaded tunes.

You can also purchase the new MyChime doorwell for $60 that comes with software and a soundcard that you can use to create your own chime. The new software actually lets you customize your soundcard with a tune from your favorite band, holiday song, sound effects, or your favorite sport team's theme song. The possibilites are endless with the new MyChime doorbell!

To view the MyChime doorbell and to see all of Honeywell's awesome product please go to:

WWW.Honeywell.COM or

(to listen to some of the chimes click HERE and then click on Videos/Demos)

(I want to thank the kind people at Honeywell for sending us this awesome MyChime doorbell t0 review at our new home! I received this product free of charge to review and the things you read above our my honest opinions of the products sent! I was in no way paid to say anything you read here!)

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