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Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest Review...


Your favorite Stouffer's meals, now featuring ingredients like olive oil, sea salt, or whole grains and no preservatives!

- let's fix dinner -

My family and I LOVE food so when Stouffer's offered to send us a few of their new frozen Farmers' Harvest entrees we couldn't wait to try them!

At Stouffer's they are focused on providing convenient, wholesome and delicious frozen meal options to all of us.
Stouffer's New Farmers’ Harvest entrĂ©es provide great taste with wholesome nutrition. Their new line features three family size entrĂ©es and 7 individual servings of classic, but updated favorites featuring the same great Stouffer's taste made with an added variety of ingredients like whole grains, vegetables, sea salt and olive oil.

With Farmers' Harvest, the taste you’ve come to expect from Stouffer's is assured by the use of high-quality ingredients such as sea salt, olive oil and real cheese. Whole Grains are featured in eight recipes while 4 of the individual meals feature ½ cup of vegetables.

Stouffer's sent us 3 different entrees to try...

First we received a family size Farmers' Harvest Macaroni & Cheese that is made with whole grains, freshly made pasta in a real cheddar cheese sauce. My family and I loved this meal. We usually don't have macaroni as a main course but we all really enjoyed it! I love that it has no preservatives, is made with sea salt and it's also made with real cheese! I personally loved how easy this was to make as well. There were 2 options when making it - putting it in the microwave for just 18 minutes or the oven for 75 which I did. After the 75 minutes we had a healthy, delicious meal that virtually had no preparing other than putting it in the oven. What more could a busy mom want and what kid doesn't LOVE mac & cheese!

The second meal received was a single serving of the Farmers' Harvest Meat & Sauce Lasagna. This lasagna is freshly made with whole grain pasta that is layered with an herb seasoned tomato and meat sauce with mozzarella, parmesan and cottage cheeses. I loved that this meal has no preservatives and is also made with sea salt. I love having quick, easy frozen entrees on hand for lunch and this one was one of the best!! I love lasagna and loved that this is a healthy version made with whole grains. I will definitely be buying this one again!

The last entree received was the single serving Farmers' Harvest Roasted Chicken & Bowtie Pasta with a Vegetable Medley. Like the previous meals it has no preservatives (yay), it is made with olive oil and sea salt. Can we say yummy!! This meal was very filling, the chicken was very tender and the pasta with pesto sauce was soooo good. It was another quick delicious healthy meal.

Overall my family and I loved all of these and we can't wait to try a few of the other entrees from Stouffer's new Farmers' Harvest line! There are not many quick, easy healthy meals out there that are made with whole grains, vegetables, sea salt and olive oil so way to go Stouffer's!! :)

One more thing that I loved about these meals is that on the plastic covers they have very important messages to remind all of us just how important it is to sit around the table and have a meal as a family. Here are a few of the messages printed on them...

"Kids who have regular family dinners may get better grades."

"Kids who have frequent family meals may be more likely to feel that their parents are proud of them."

"Teens who have regular family dinners may be more likely to confide in their parents."

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I want to thank Stouffer's for sending us a few of their delicious new Farmers' Harvest meals to review and to feature to all of you! I was sent these meals free of charge to review. Everything you read above is my honest opinion of the product reviewed and I was in no way paid to say anything you read here!

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