Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sesame Street Live Review...

Sesame Street Live Presents....

We were so excited to receive tickets to go to Elmo's Green Thumb one of the many live performance shows presented by Sesame Street Live. Elmo's Green Thumb focuses on Elmo and his sunflower friend "Sunny" which teaches kids all about the different seasons, planting flowers, learning about nature and what having a "green thumb" really means.

Being green in this day and age is so very important and what a great show to help teach kids at an early age that they can help out in a big way by taking care of our planet and planting trees and flowers! The show also taught kids about counting and their ABC's too- which is great for any age!

Jace & Grady couldn't wait to see the show. They had asked me almost everyday for the past month when the show was and got more and more excited the closer it got!

For Easter we got them each a Cookie Monster Shirt to wear to the show since that is their favorite character, some Elmo bubble bath and Elmo bath foam since it was the Sunday before the big show. They were so excited about receiving Sesame Street products in their baskets!

The facility we attended the show at was The Veterans' Memorial Civic & Convention Center. We were very impressed with the facility and even more impressed that we were only 9 rows up from the stage! The boys could hardly wait until the show began and I will have to admit that Craig and I were really excited to see the it too!

Let me tell you it did not disappoint! The characters were all so fun, the music was great and I loved that the show not only entertained the audience, but also tried to deliver a very educational message.

I think it's great to mix a little education in with lots of fun - you never know what kids will pick up and carry with them throughout their lives so why not make it a positive message wrapped in a fun and catchy show? The boys sang, clapped and danced throughout the show and it was so much fun being together as a family, watching them be so interested in learning and having a great time watching all of their favorite Sesame Street characters!

Craig and I were very impressed with the whole thing! The characters were so funny, the lights, music and backgrounds were all so great and the kids haven't stopped talking about it yet!

We would highly recommend one of the Sesame Street Live shows to each of you! It was so fun, lasted about two hours with a little intermission and is fun for all ages! There were boys, girls, young and old there and everyone seemed to enjoy the show!

To find out more information about Sesame Street Live please go to:

We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to attend one and hope to see another in the future! A huge thank you goes out to the Vee Corporation for sponsoring tickets not only for my family but for the giveaway prize as well!

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