Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam Review...


Have you ever tried at home color and just had it everywhere? Well Clairol Nice 'N Easy just came out with a new Color Blend Foam that is SO easy to apply! It comes in all of your favorite shades and seriously all you do is mix the formula, shake it 3 times and the foam is ready to be applied!

I tried the Nice 'N Easy 4RB Dark Reddish Brown Color Blend Foam on my cousin's girlfriend Beth. She was wanting a new hair color so I thought what a perfect opportunity to try this!

Here is a before picture of Beth's hair before...

and here is her hair after using it! Wow what a huge difference. This was very easy to apply and we loved the results!

Clairol wanted me to share some at-home coloring tips from their Color Director, Marie Robinson:

Marie’s Top Tips for At-Home Hair Coloring:

  • Prep your bathroom prior to coloring your hair by setting out old towels to protect surfaces. [Soft Break]

  • When deciding on a hair color formula, it’s important to understand the different between a permanent and demi-permanent hair color.

  • Opt for a permanent hair color if you’re looking for a more dramatic change as that will provide you with dimensional color and 100% gray coverage

  • For a temporary change, go with a demi-permanent color that will enhance and boost color and shine in addition to providing up to 50% gray coverage. Demi-permanent hair colors typically rinse out in 28 washes[Soft Break]

  • Pick a form of hair color – liquid, cream or foam – that you feel most comfortable with. Foam is the newest form of hair color. I love Nice ‘n Easy’s Color Blend Foam which is super easy to apply with your hands as its drip-free, mess-free and simply collapses into your hair. Cream and liquid hair colors require the applicator bottle to help direct the application of the hair color. [Soft Break]

  • When selecting a flattering shade, stay within two shades of your current hair color for best results. [Soft Break]

  • For optimal results, do not wash your hair prior to coloring as its best to work with hair that was washed the previous day so your scalp has some natural oils protecting it. [Soft Break]

  • Keep your skin hair color-free by putting Vaseline around your hair line to keep it from running into your skin. [Soft Break]

  • To ensure hair color is evenly distributed – follow these simple steps:

  • Part your hair into three, even sections

  • Start by focusing on the roots and then work colorant through the rest of your hair[Soft Break]

  • After your hair color has fully processed for the allotted amount of time, thoroughly rinse the hair color out with warm water, use your fingertips to massage the roots and continue to rinse hair until water runs clear. [Soft Break]

  • Maintain healthy-looking, colored hair with a few easy steps:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner specially-formulated for color-treated hair that will continually nourish and protect your hair

  • Treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioner

  • Use heat protection spray when heat styling

I hope you all enjoyed these tips! Thank you Clairol for sending me a free product sample for this review! The things you read here are my honest opinions of the products reviewed!


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