Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PlasmaCar Review...

My 3 year old Grady loves riding his tricycle around our kitchen table and through our house on the tile floor. Well we recently had the opportunity to review a new ride on toy and this new PlasmaCar has totally replaced his trike!

Have you ever seen one of these?

It's called a PlasmaCar by PlaSmart - it's an innovative, ride on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction and kid power! Its sleek, aerodynamic design allows your kids to reach a safe but exhilarating speed of 10 km (6 miles) per hour.

It’s pure energy, and pure fun!

All you need is a smooth, flat surface to ride on. There are no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car, you simply get on it and start moving the steering wheel back and forth. Parents will love it because it's quiet, inexpensive and provides limitless playability and kids will love it because it's so easy to use and so much fun!

We received a red PlasmaCar and the boys were SO excited when it arrived! They couldn't wait to put this together and have some fun. It was very easy to put together as you just snapped on the wheels and put on the steering wheel and it was pretty much ready to go within a few short minutes.

Watch this video of Grady riding his new PlasmaCar below...

I'm not joking - he has rode this every single day since it arrived. He rides it around inside on our tile floor most of the time, but we have also taken this to both grandparents houses so that he can ride outside when we are there.

The PlasmaCar is so light making it easy to throw in the back of our car and take with us wherever we are going. It's such a fun thing to ride, I have even taken it for a spin - should have had that on video, ha! It can hold up to 220 lbs!!

Watch this video below to learn more about the PlasmaCar...

This product is available to purchase in so many fun colors and you can find a retailer near you HERE.

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Make sure to also go to the PlaSmart website where you can view some of their other great products like the PlasmaBike, Fun Slides Carpet Skates and the Oball just to name a few!

I want to thank the kind people over at WWW.PlasmaCar.COM for sending my family a red PlasmaCar free of charge to review. The things you read above are my honest opinions of the product reviewed and I was in no way paid to say anything you read above!!


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