Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guest Post - Written by Aleya who writes the blog for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York and Hair Design Institute...

Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

The Fall 2011 beauty trends are all about being bold, sophisticated, glamorous and even a little edgy. Our favorite designers have outdone themselves by creating looks that will make any stand out and look and feel confident. Here are some of our favorite fall beauty trends that you can take off of the runway and wear on the streets.

Tickled Pink

Use just a little bit of blush on your cheekbones to get an innocent look. Be careful to stay away from darker shades of pink because too much blush is overpowering and never looks good on anyone.

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Makeup Your Eyes

The eyes play a major role this fall and there are a few ways to get them to really stand out. Apply some metallic eye shadow to add some shimmer to your eyes. Skip the thin eye liner and go for a thick line for a more dramatic look. Finally put away your usual mascara and apply a mascara that makes your lashes look like spider legs instead. If you want you can use all three looks together or mix them up.

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Get To Know Yur Boy Side

Menswear is back in style and with that style comes a boy-like look. Put your hair back, wear neutral makeup and if you wear nail polish use a sheer color.

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Check Out Them Lips

If you’re scared to try on some red lipstick, get yourself to the store and try on every shade of red until you find one that suites you. There are many shades of red out there from a sheer red to a bold red and all sorts of berry reds. Get a look of sophistication with a berry red or go sexy with a bold red. It’s really up to you.

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Straight Ponytails

The ponytail can be worn in many different ways , the two most popular being high up or low down by the base of your neck. Any way you wear it, make sure to get your hair as straight as possible first.

You’ll find that how simple or complicated things get is really up you, but whichever direction that you take, we’re sure that you’ll look great. Enjoy!

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This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York and Hair Design Institute, a hair stylist school .

Thank you for being our 1st guest blogger, Aleya! We are loving the fall styles and appreciate you taking the time to write this guest post!


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