Friday, August 12, 2011

Nicole Lee U.S.A Handbag Review & 15 Percent Off....

If you are like me then you LOVE a good handbag. It's just like shoes, you can never have enough shoes or handbags in my opinion and I've found a new company that has the prettiest handbags!

Meet Nicole Lee U.S.A - An LA based handbag company founded in 2004 that brings young contemporary women that comprehend fashion, style and beauty genuine designs with a funky look. Made with the best materials, aggressive designs beyond imaginations, and an uncompromising attention to meticulous details, Nicole Lee is looking to take the world of handbags to a whole new level. Designed by a group of in-house design team headed by design director Suzy Han, Nicole Lee uses European inspiration with NY fair to develop it's unique look. Designed with simplicity, functionality and subtle touches of "I am who I am" kind-of-feel, these handbags have a mission to make you stand out. This collection is to salute to all women out there who are making it for themselves!

I was SO excited when Nicole Lee U.S.A let me choose which handbag I wanted to review and feature to all of you! After browsing all of the fun styles I ended up choosing the ILIENA which retails for $97.50 (special online price $85).

Oh my - this bag is soooo pretty, it's the prettiest hot pink handbag. Not only do I just love the color but the details are what makes this handbag stand out. Featuring things like - Ruffles, Pearls, Diamond looking gems, Dotted Tulle, Fabric Rosettes and Pretty Tassels it's just very unique and very pretty.

The inside features 1 zip pocket, and 2 open pockets for things like a cell phone and lipgloss and the inside lining features the signature Nicole Lee U.S.A logo.

I love this bag - I love how big it is and of course how pretty it is. I love the feminine details and it's just perfect for me. It's also available in the light blue featured above.

Let me show you a few of my other favorite bags from Nicole Lee U.S.A...

Love, love, love this NINA bag featured above and below in 2 different styles. It's available in Black, Brown, Purple, Teal Blue and Green.

I also love this LEAH bag featured below! I love anything with ruffles and this one in yellow and gray is so perfect for fall!!

Last but not least I love this FLORIA bag available in this pretty green color below, also available in white.

To learn more about Nicole Lee U.S.A and to purchase one of their gorgeous bags for yourself please go to:

Nicole Lee U.S.A. is offering The Jackson Five Family Blog readers 15% off starting today Aug 12 - Aug 19 when you use code:


I want to thank Nicole Lee U.S.A for sending me one of their products free of charge to review! The things you read above are my honest opinions of the products reviewed and I was in NO way paid to say anything you read here!


  1. Nicole Lee has such gorgeous purses. I get compliments on mine all the time.

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