Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello parents - there is a new, fun building block out there that actually talks to your kids. Let me introduce you to SMARCKS the Smart Blocks...

Most kids love playing with blocks and ALL kids will love playing with Smarks. Smarks are big, colorful building blocks that actually talk to your children teaching them things like Math, Spelling, Music, Dancing, ABC's, Shapes, Counting, Nursery Rhymes, Color's and even Good Manners!

- Watch this video to see exactly how they work -

We had the opportunity to review a full set of the Smart Blocks. Here is what we received...

70 Piece Building Block Set

The Smarcks Starter Set comes in a large 15″ x 13″ x 7″ polypropylene container filled with 70 children’s blocks which come in five different sizes. Each of these sizes have different educational shapes and numbers on the posts and come in all seven colors.

  • 28 One Blocks, 4 of each color.
  • 21 Two Blocks, 3 of each color.
  • 7 Three Blocks, one of each color.
  • 7 Four Blocks, one of each color.
  • 7 Five Blocks, one of each color.

  • Red Color Block: Teaches about the color red and good manners
  • Green Color Block: Teaches about the color green and good manners
  • Yellow Color Block: Teaches about the color yellow and good manners
  • Purple Color Block: Teaches about the color purple and good manners
  • Pink Color Block: Teaches about the color pink
  • Orange Color Block: Teaches about the color orange and good manners


  • Pink Nursery Rhyme Block: Plays three different Nursery Rhymes and has a secret puzzle
  • Red Nursery Rhyme Block: Plays three different Nursery Rhymes and has a secret puzzle.
  • Purple Nursery Rhyme Block: Plays seven verses of Old MacDonald and has two secret puzzles


  • Green Counting Block: Counts the sum of the blocks it is placed on
  • Yellow Shape Block: Identifies 8 different shapes
  • Orange ABC Block: Spells 26 words.


  • Purple Music Block: Plays first third of the Smarcks song with flashing lights
  • Pink Music Block: Plays middle third of the Smarcks song with flashing lights
  • Red Music Block: Plays last third of the Smarcks song with flashing lights


  • Subtraction Block: Subtracts any two blocks it is placed on
  • Addition Block: Adds any two blocks it is placed on
  • Monkey Block: Teaches to add and subtract with the Monkey song


Jace & Grady were so exited when these arrived. They couldn't wait to tear into them and start playing. Little did they know what they really did until we got them all out of the packages and they started putting them together.

They couldn't believe that these were singing songs and saying things to them. They would put them together, take them apart and try different ways to make things come alive! They have played with these almost every day since we've had them which is close to a month now!

I know they are learning things because even after they are put away they are singing the nursery rhymes that they've heard and learned!

They even take these with us when we go to grandma's house. As a parent I know when my kids love something when they want to bring them with us when we leave. I love that they like these so much and that they are so educational. Blocks are so fun and let kids be so creative when putting them together and building things. I love that they are not only using their imaginations but they are learning as they play!

I would highly recommend SMARKS. They are so fun and your kids will spend hours playing and learning with Smarks! If you get the 70 piece set as shown above then you also get the big case they come in with a lid. Love that they can be easily stored or carried with you wherever you are going!

To view the full line of products and to purchase your very own please visit:


It's NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas Gifts especially since today is September 1st and these would make a wonderful gift to any child this year...with that being said...

SMARKS Smart Blocks is going to give The Jackson Five Family Readers an exceptional deal now through October 31st.

Spend $135 & receive 50% off using code JENNA at checkout!

You can get everything I received above which is normally over a $150 value for a little more than $75 right now! GREAT DEAL and GREAT GIFT!!! Take advantage now!

I want to thank SMARKS SMART BLOCKS for sending me some of their awesome products free of charge to review! The things you read above are my honest opinions of the products reviewed and I was in NO way paid to say anything you read here!


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