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Capresso Review...

 As the holidays are quickly approaching and you are having more get togethers at your house, wouldn't it be nice to be able to whip up the perfect drink for your guests?  Well I have a product that will do just that from...

Capresso recently sent me one of their Capresso Froth Pro's ($59.99) for review.  So what is a froth pro you ask?  It's designed to create thick and rich frothed milk for cappuccinos, steamed milk for café lattes, and frothy hot chocolate, the new Capresso froth PRO automatic milk frother produces professional quality results with a quick touch of a button.

It features 3 temperature settings – hot, warm and cold which will open up a variety of options for delicious beverages with a creative touch. This stand-alone appliance is an ideal complement to any coffee maker, espresso machine or the hot chocolate lover! 

The unit features a black pitcher along with a black base with stainless steel accents and illuminated touch pad buttons. The smart design includes dual auto shut-off for safety and a storage compartment in the bottom of the base to hold the two frothing discs and one heating disc that come with the unit.

We were so excited to try our Capresso froth PRO out so we went to the Capresso Blog for some inspiration and recipes.  The first drink we came across was this Maple Steamer...

This was so easy to make and was done in minutes.  It called for just 2 ingredients, 8 oz of milk and 1-2 oz of maple syrup.  

For this recipe you used the heating disk with the Capresso froth PRO.  You just added the milk to frothing pitcher, placed the lid on it and pressed the Warm button. After just 2 minutes you added the maple syrup, replaced the lid and waited for the frother to automatically shut off which took a few more minutes.

This is what we got, a warm delicious drink that was frothy and the perfect temperature for my 6 year old!  He actually loved this drink and we have made it several times since.  So simple to make and so good to drink!


We then had to try our hand at Hot Coco (well really warm coco for the boys!) 

Again this was so easy to make and turned out wonderful!  Both boys loved it and again it was the perfect temperature not too hot and not too cold!  I love that for Craig and I we can put it on the hot button to make ours and then the warm for them.

We absolutely love this little machine!  If you are looking for a way to make quick, extremely easy drinks that look like you spent hours brewing then the Capresso froth Pro is just for you!  If you can believe it there are actually many things you can use a milk frother for...

- Milk Frother Uses -

Frothed and steamed milk are the base for a variety of specialty coffee beverages as well as the base for delicious and creamy hot chocolate, however there are even more uses for the milk frother in addition to hot beverages.
  • In any recipe that calls for milk, warm the milk in the frother first to help incorporate powdered ingredients faster and speed up the cooking process.
  • Use the frother to heat milk for any recipe that calls for "scalded milk" such as yeast breads. Heating the milk deactivates a protein which can prevent the dough from properly rising.
  • Froth low-fat milk and add to mashed potatoes. The frothed milk adds a "creamy" flavor without adding fat. The warm milk also keeps the mashed potatoes hotter than when adding cold milk.
  • Use the heating disk to warm milk and cream to add to egg yolks and sugar for homemade crème anglaise.
  • "Marinate" flavoring ingredients like vanilla, cloves, citrus peels or spices in warm milk for 10-20 minutes to bring out an enhanced flavor in any recipe that calls for milk.
  • Use the heating disk to warm milk for an old-fashioned hot milk cake.
  • Add cold frothed milk to any recipe that calls for milk to add stiffness and a richer texture. Some recipes like custard or meringue call for "stiff" milk or cream which can be achieved by simply using the cold setting with the frothing disk.
  • Using the cold setting, froth low-fat milk and citrus juice such as lemonade, limeade or orange juice to create a refreshing lemon meringue latte, orange cream latte, or key lime latte.
I can't wait to try this for other recipes - gotta try that last recipe mentioned - refreshing lemon meringue latte, um YES PLEASE!!  Or how about this "Hot Caramel Cider" recipe also posted on the Capress Blog. I love a similar drink at a super popular coffee chain so I can't wait to try this one out and see how it compares!

Capresso not only makes Milk Frothers but many other great appliances that would make wonderful gifts this Christmas like Espresso Machines, Coffee Makers, Coffee Grinders, and Water Kettles just to name a few!  

To view ALL of the wonderful products that Capresso offers please visit:

 Disclosure: I received a product from Capresso  to facilitate this review, no additional compensation was received, and opinions are my own and may vary from yours.

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  1. Espresso Machines still impress me and I have had mine for a little under a year. I love being able to make cappuccinos and lattes in my own home.