Monday, December 5, 2011

Introducing Kidorable's Dragon Knight Collection plus see how you can get a FREE Umbrella...

You all know that we are HUGE fans of Kidorable and with that being said we are so excited to be able to show you their new Dragon Knight Collection which will bravely gallop into the hearts of children everywhere!

The Dragon Knight Collection is steel grey with dark green as accent color, perfect for strong and brave boys. Some pieces accentuate the Knight, others the Dragon, but there is a nice interplay between both characters throughout the set.

The umbrella has protruding dragon horns and wings, with a knight, fire, and a castle motif along the bottom.

The helmet on the matching raincoat is Kidorable’s coolest hood so far...

The child who wears it can imagine himself as a valiant knight fighting the dragon.

The backpack is shaped like a shield for extra play value. It comes with a little stuffed toy sword. The coat is a new material, PU (polyurethane). It’s softer and lighter than PVC.

The hangers will make your kids WANT to hang up their clothes!

We were able to review a pair of the Dragon Knight Rain Boots ($29.99) and oh my the boys went CrAzY over these! They loved the knight in shining armor riding the horse on the side of them, the dragon fire on one toe and the big green dragon on the other - every little boy needs a pair of these! They are more than just a pair of boots, these playful puddle magnets would make a wonderful gift this Christmas!

All styles are available in My First (size 5), children’s sizes 6-13, plus young adult sizes 1 and 2.

Kidorable is offering our readers an awesome deal...

Starting today December 5th thru December 11th when you make a purchase over $20 you will receive a FREE Dragon Knight Umbrella when you use code


(make sure you add the umbrella to your cart first!)

I want to thank Kidorable for send us 1 of their products FREE of charge to review! The things you read above are our honest opinions of the products reviewed (which may vary from yours!) I was in NO way paid to say anything you read here!


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