Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ropix Shoe Review and Give-a-way ends 01/20/2012...


You don't have to jump with Ropix, but you'll know you can!

Let me introduce you to Ropix Shoes - Ropix, founded by Dennis Dwyer is an innovative sports shoe specifically designed for all forefoot training. 

Ropix started as an idea in a boxing gym in NYC in 1991.  Dennis began incorporating jumping rope into his training but before long he knew he did not have the right shoes for it.  The more he jumped the more he hurt days later.  After a long search, he discovered that there were no proper shoes available for this purpose.  Boxing shoes didn't have any cushioning, and running shoes had too much. 

So he created a shoe that would fit this need.  Ropix are the fist of its kind, not only specific to jumping rope, but suitable for ALL forefoot activities!  Because of the tailored cushioning, Ropix shoes are beneficial for any sport or activity that place impact on the balls of your feet.

My husband likes to mix it up when working out.  He might do the treadmill first, then switch to weights, then add in some jump roping and then finish with the elliptical so when he heard of Ropix Shoes he was so excited to test them out!  
Dennis was so kind so send him a pair of Ropix for review.  Craig chose the Sonic Grey and Orange pair.  When these first arrived he wasn't sure what to think.  He loved the colors and the design but they look much different than your average tennis or running shoe.  They were flatter on the bottom and narrower as well.

So he put these to the test and has been wearing them for over a month now -  he has really come to LOVE these shoes!  He loves that they are so lightweight, not heavy or bulky in any way.  He also loves  the cushioning that they provide on the balls of the feet while jumping rope and not just on the heels like many shoes only have.  He really likes the design as they are kind of sleek looking and can go from the street to the gym without feeling like he only has workout shoes on.  Overall he says that he really enjoys wearing his new Ropix and would definitely purchase another pair!

To view all of the Ropix shoes available for purchase please visit:

Now for the give-a-way - I'm so excited to tell you that 1 lucky reader is going to win their very own pair of Ropix Shoes!


This is a Rafflecopter giveaway making it easier for ALL of you to enter!  If you do not see the give-a-way please click on "read more" and it should appear!

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Disclosure: I received a product from Ropix Shoes to facilitate this review, no additional compensation was received, and opinions are my own and may vary from yours.


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