Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zillionz Real-Money Deluxe Savings Goal ATM Machine Review...

 Did your kids get lots of money for Christmas?  Ours got some and I hate it just laying around the house.  We do have a savings account for them at the bank but sometimes when they get $5 here or $10 there it's not enough to make a trip just to deposit such a little amount.  My husband and I also give them all of our change and that adds up in a hurry too.  Well we recently had the opportunity to review a neat product from 

Zillionz sent us their Real-Money Deluxe Savings Goal ATM Machine.  This is so fun and easy for our 6 year old to use.  This product teaches your child the concept of how a real ATM works.  It comes with an ATM card that your child will use with a pin number that they create and have to remember just like if they were to use a real ATM machine.  

After they have created this you are able to set the time and date on the screen.  They then can start making deposits into it.  The coin slot recognizes the value of each coin and it automatically adds up the amount entered.  There is also an automatic bill feeder that accepts real dollars.  You do have to enter the amount like if it's a $1 bill or a $5 bill but they think it's so neat feeding the money into the slot. This is so much neater than any piggy bank we have ever had. 

What's really neat though is that your child is able to set a goal.  Maybe they want a new bike or some other toy - well they can put how much it costs and what date they would like to have this amount by.   Then it will tell them how much more they need when they put money in it and how much time is left to get to their goal!

It is a secure vault allowing your child to keep their money safe -- only they have access with their private digital access code.  Another neat thing about this is that you can stand it up or you can hang it on the wall with it's built-in wall mount.  

WE love that this is teaching our children how to save money and how to make deposits and withdraws.  Something that we all use on a daily basis and something they need to learn about at an early age as saving money is so important and you can NEVER start too young!  The only thing my husband and I wish this had is a drawer or something to catch the money in.  It's just an open drawer that the money falls into, so when you open the drawer to make a withdraw all of the money just comes tumbling out if it's full.  Other than that we love this and would definitely recommend it to anyone with children learning to save money!

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Disclosure: I received a product from Zillionz to facilitate this review, no additional compensation was received, and opinions are my own and may vary from yours.


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