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Yantra Mat (acupunture mat) Reveiw and Give-a-way ends 02/25/2012...


Your piece of mind is not a luxury...  It’s an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Are you stressed out?  Do you sleep poorly at night or experience fatigue during the day?  Do you get headaches, experience muscle tension or back pain?

If so let me introduce you to the Yantra Mat...

The Yantra Mat ($49) is similar to acupuncture without having actual needles stuck in you.

This mat has hundreds of these plastic dics(shown above) which gives you 8,820 effecttive acupuncture points that you lie down on in the comfort of your own home, more than any other mat on the market!  Lying down on the mat provokes the kind of clarity and focus that usually comes with prolonged meditation or intense physical activity.  This mat like acupuncture has many benefits - it may induce the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones. And, there is some evidence that it increases metabolism as well.  It can also increase circulation which means lower blood pressure and better nutrient delivery!

I received my Yantra Mat about 2 months ago and have been trying it out since! I have to admit I was very intimidated by it when it first arrived.  It literally is a mat that is covered with plastic spiky discs.  You are supposed to slowly introduce yourself to it and then as time goes on you can increase your time on it.  So I first laid down on it with a sheet between the mat and myself.  It felt pretty good but after a few days I decided to take the plunge and lay on it bare skinned.  I have to admit it felt better than I thought it was going to.  It definitely stimulates your skin!  Now after a month of laying on it I can honestly say that I LOVE the way this feels.  It is actually very relaxing and now I look forward to my time on the mat. 

 I thought that there was no way that I would fall asleep on this but I have!  I really do feel better after I lay on it - I can't say that I have back pain or anything like that so I can't tell you that yes it will help or no it will not, but I do know that I feel so much better after laying on it.  You only need about 10 minutues on this, you can do it more but that's all it takes to feel the effects of it.  I feel more relaxed and just love that way it feels.  It tingles your skin... almost like a rush of energy when you get off of it! 

- The Yantra Way -

 You’ve got the wisdom to value your well-being. So give your mind the rest it deserves with the ancient stress relief system.

With every use, the Yantra Mat reminds us: the body and mind are not distinct. The condition of one can affect the health of the other.

That’s the Yantra Way: living fully – feeling more whole ­– through experiences that promote our body/mind connection.

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- Now for the give-a-way

I'm SO excited to tell you that 1 lucky reader is going to win their very own Yantra Mat $49!


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Disclosure:  I received a sample product from Yantra Mat to facilitate this review.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own and may vary from yours.


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