Monday, March 12, 2012

All New Road Rippers Vehicles by Toy State Review...

If you come to our house you will find cars, trucks and other toy vehicles in the toy box.  My two boys love anything that has wheels and drives around.  So when we were recently sent several new vehicles from Toy State they thought it was Christmas all over again!

Toy State is the maker of Road Rippers, Road Rippers R/C, DUB Garage, Ripp's Garage, CAT, CAT Preschool and Freedom Force toys.  We are huge fans of this company and their products.  I'm sure if you have boys you are familiar with this brand already and if not you must check them out.

The Toy State Road Rippers line has several New Products out and they sent us several to review,  let me show you what they sent...

First they sent us 2 of their Road Rippers Flash Rides - Flash Rides are cool free-wheeling vehicles styles with lights and sound features.  They are easy for kids to hold in one hand and drive around.  Perfect for kids to take with them everywhere they go as they are fairly small.  These are recommended for ages 3+  which is how old Grady is.  He has loved playing with these and takes them with us everywhere we go!  

Available Styles: Race Car, Baja, SUV, Pickup, Speed Bike, Street Bike, Baja Sand Scorcher and ATV

The next product is the Road Rippers Wheelie Bikes.  Both boys LOVE these.  They are 
motorcycles that work with the push of a button.  When pushed the Wheelie Bike's motorized drive function  kicks in and triggers its signature pop-a-wheelie feature. With realistic motorcycle sounds and fun music your kids will have so much fun with these exciting bikes!

Available Styles: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Kawasaki KLX-140 Moto-Cross Bike 

The next product is the Road Rippers Lightning Rods - Light up the road! A motorized drive feature with a distinctive authentic light-up engine really gets this car moving. Lights, sound and exciting tunes “bring the noise” in Lightning Rods!

   Available Styles: Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang 5.0 and Chevy Camaro


They also sent us a Road Rippers Wheelie Power car- Oh my the boys absolutely loved this one too.  The Wheelie Power vehicles also have pop-a-wheelie action along with lights, sounds and music effects. They love seeing it go up on 2 wheels and drive around the floor.

Available Styles: Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang 5.0 and Dodge Viper 

Last but not least they sent us 2 of their Road Rippers Come Back Racers which were the boys favorite out of all of them.  These are so awesome as they first drive forward and then, just like their name says they stop and come rolling back to you in reverse!  These feature realistic lights, racing sounds, vocals and great licensed music! 

They love starting all the vehicles at the same time and watching them race around, they dance to the lights and music and have had so much fun with each one! 

We would 100% recommend any of the Road Rippers toys.  Toy State makes quality toys that are fun and entertaining.  They are also very affordable which makes parents very happy!  My boys have played with these so much and their friends think they are so cool too.  Even my niece loved playing with these this week when she stayed with us.  She loved the lights and music on them.

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Disclaimer:  We were sent complimentary sample's from Toy State to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and may vary from yours!


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