Monday, March 5, 2012

Yaktrax Confidence on Packed Snow and Ice - Review...

Have you guys experienced a lot of snow or ice this year?  It's been very mild here in Ohio but when we do get snow it's usually extremely slippery.

Well if you love to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter or maybe you just have no choice going outdoors when it's snow covered I have a product to show you that is going to help you better get to where you are going without slipping and sliding and worrying about falling down.

Let me introduce you all to YakTrax -  YakTrax ice traction devices feature a unique and patented design that will give you the same solid, predictable grip you are accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces.  Runners, walkers, workers or anyone who faces elements of winter will stay safer this winter with a pair of YakTrax.

So how do they work? The YakTrax device fits securely onto the bottom of your shoe. When you run or walk with YakTrax, every step you take places hundreds of of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet.  YakTrax create a solid, secure grip by way of their patented SkidLock Coil System, made of a specially treated steel.  As you step, each tiny SkidLock coil presses downward, becoming embedded into the ice below.  As you transfer weight onto your foot hundreds of SkidLock surfaces squeeze into the ice, providing you with stability in all directions: forward, backward, and side to side.  When you lift your foot, the YakTrax stay securely on your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement.

My husband couldn't wait to try these out.  They sent us a pair of the YakTrax Pro which is specifically made for people who spend lots of time outdoors. For example: a mail carrier, runner or someone who faces winter conditions on a frequent bases.  Craig has to walk across a huge parking lot to get to work and he also enjoys jogging outdoors as well so he knew this product would be great for him.  

He loved how easy they were to put on.  You can either slip them onto your shoes before putting them on or  just slip them on at any time while you are wearing them.  Once they are on you are ready to go.  You then just walk naturally and you instantly have more traction.  He loved how lightweight they were.  There is really nothing to them, so they don't add bulk or heaviness to your daily routine or workout while wearing them.  He would definitely recommend them if you need extra traction!  They are very affordable too, which is nice!

The Yaktrak is available in in 4 different styles:  

XTR Extreme



and the original Walker which is great for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly!  

To view all of these products and to find out more information please visit:

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product sample from YakTrax to facilitate this review.  All opinions are honest and may vary from yours!


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