Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats Review and Give-a-way ends 06/12/2012...


As a parent we all worry about bed wetting.  Whether you are just potty training and are not sure if your child will be able to go all through the night without wetting or maybe your child is a regular bed wetter it's not a fun thought.

I embarrassingly enough was a constant bed wetter.  My poor mom, I can't imagine what she went through, changing sheets, night after night.  Unfortunately this lasted until I was a preteen when we finally visited a doctor.  I can't remember what they put me on but it worked and it was history from there, that is until I had kids myself and started potty training.  Then all of those feelings came back, I started to wonder if I would have to go through what my mom did?  Will my boys wet the bed night after night?  Well thank goodness we potty trained just fine and there was no bed wetting involved.  I can't say never, because we have had a few accidents, but I imagine it's because they both kick their covers off in the night and they probably got cold, but it's only been a handful of times between the two of them.

If you have a bed wetter you are not alone as there are more than 5 million children in the United States who continue to wet the bed past the age of six, reports the National Kidney Foundation!  20% of 4 to12-year-olds wet the bed!  So today I am excited to introduce you to a brand new product that I bet my mom wishes they had when I was little!

It's the new Goodnites Bed Mats -- 

Goodnites Bed Mats are a new bed wetting product that gives families a choice to better manage bed wetting and helps provide a good night’s sleep for the entire family.   Goodnites are specially made to protect while lying down, with sizes for boys and girls ages 4 and up. Bed Mats will minimize the dredge of late night bed wetting clean-up sessions, and help the child partake in their bed wetting protection routine – as the Bed Mat is easy enough to have them help place on their bed!  You will love that they are 40% more absorbent than the leading training pants.

Both parents and children can sleep tight in just three easy steps: 

·         Place the mat on top of your child’s fitted sheet 

·         Peel the adhesive strips off the corners and smooth down

·         Protect the bed with an ultra-absorbent bed mat for a better night for both parent and child

You will love the Super-Absorbent Core, Non-Residue Adhesive, Leakage Barrier and the Soft and Quiet Mat. 


Goodnites sent us a sample pack of Goodnites Bed Mats to review along with a Confidence Booster Kit that included goodies from Pottery Barn, one of my favorite stores!

We actually got the chance to test these out the other night.  Grady our 4 year old had a fever and was miserable.  I tried giving him fever reducer but he kept spitting it out, little stinker!  So I was afraid to give him anymore not knowing how much, if any that he actually swallowed. So instead I made him drink lots of water.  Thank goodness he did this but I immediately thought oh no this could be a bed wetting night.  So I told my husband to grab one of the new bed mats!

(This picture is not of the night he was sick, obviously he's feeling better!)

After opening the package I was surprised at how big they were.  The boys have twin beds and these fit wonderfully.  It was easy to put on.  Just peel off the backing and press onto the bed.  Grady rolls around during the night and in the morning this was still perfectly in it's place.  Although he didn't end up wetting as he did get up and go potty during the night, I feel confident that these would work great.  They are super soft and I don't think your little one would mind having this on top of their sheet at all.

 If you have a bed wetter or are getting ready to start potty training and have your little one sleep in their big boy/girl panties I think you should definitely give these a try!  I think parents have probably been waiting years for a product like this, my mom is so glad that parents won't have to go through what she did and thinks these would be a life saver during the night!

To learn more about the Goodnites Bed Mats please visit:

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To learn more about Bed Wetting Education please click HERE 

Now for our give-a-way -

I'm SO excited to tell you that 1 lucky reader is going to win their own pack of Goodnites Bed Mats 9-count just like the pack I received above!


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Disclaimer: Goodnites Brand provided me with a product sample to conduct this review and reader giveaway. However, my opinions of the product are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company/product in anyway!


  1. I would like to try them because my son is almost trained but gets nervous about wetting at night


  2. I would love to have these for my grandson. He has problems with accidents sometimes. I love that they can stick to bed and not move. dwelchert@yahoo.com