Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Grady

We recently celebrated our little guy's 4th birthday!  We can not believe that little Grady turned 4!!  I guess that officially makes him a big boy now -- tear, tear!  

We celebrated with a Scooby Doo Birthday Party...

We of course had to have a Scooby Cake

and Mystery Machine Marshmallow Pops

and Daphne DumDums.

We also had In-Fred-Able Candy

Scooby Doo Snowcones

 Shaggy Taffy

and Scooby Fruit Snacks.

I also filled a bucket with Capri Sun's aka Velma's Very Brainy Juice

and we had Scooby Doo Graham Crackers with cake batter dip which was so good.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it.  Of course I saw it on Pinterest --  You just take one box of funfetti cake mix and pour it into a bowl.  Then add a container of plain yogurt and a tub of whip cream and mix it all together.  It tastes just like cake batter and looked so neat as you could see all of the funfetti colors throughout it.  I put it on a metal serving tray and served the graham crackers with it.  It was a hit!  Very easy and a must try recipe!

We also borrowed Craig's dads Hot Dog Machine -- that was a big hit with the kids along with the Snowcone Machine.  Both were perfect for the party!

Over all Grady had a wonderful birthday.  Daddy was helping him read a card above -- so cute :-)  

About Grady at age 4

1. You are so independent and have a temper like no other!  The most strong willed little boy we've ever met!

2.  You do EVERYTHING your brother, Jace does!  I will say "Grady do you want a juice?" and you will say "Jace are you going to have a juice?"  If Jace says yes, then you say yes.  If Jace doesn't want one, then you don't either. You love your big brother so much!

3.  You have so much energy.  You want to be outside every minute.  Playing in the sandbox, jumping on the trampoline or going to the park.  You LOVE riding your little bikes -- you have your PlasmaCar in the house and ride it all day long.  

4.  You love going to preschool one day a week.  You love seeing your friends there and talk about them at home too.  You love your teachers and have learned so much this year.

5.  You and your brother fight like crazy but when you play by yourself you can play for hours and be so good.  Typical brotherly love!! 

6.  You weigh around 40 lbs and wear a size 4.

7.  You love all of your grandparents so much and love spending the night at their house.

8.  You are a momma's boy all day UNTIL daddy comes home.  Then you follow him everywhere :-)

9.  You are all boy, love getting dirty and playing with bugs.  You love playing ball, playing with cars and just making messes.

10.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much -- Happy 4th Birthday!!


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