Thursday, May 17, 2012

Places To Go Feature -- COSI -- Columbus, OH

Center of Science and Industry
Columbus, OH

We recently had the opportunity to visit COSI -- Columbus, Ohio's Dynamic Center of Science and Industry which is named America's #1 science center by Parents Magazine.

COSI brings science to life through more than 300 interactive experiences, world-class exhibitions, the 7-story Extreme Screen Theater, an outdoor science park, a special area for young explorers from birth through kindergarten, and the country's only high-wire unicycle.

(High-Wire Unicycle)

COSI features something new to discover every day, including live shows, special events, family programs, overnight and summer camps, and challenging workshops for students and teachers. Created in 1964, COSI has served over 25 million people through their 320,000-square-foot science center and their nationally-recognized outreach programs, including COSI on Wheels and Electronic Education

(Grady on an antique bicycle in the Progress Exhibit)

COSI provides an exciting and informative atmosphere for those of all ages to discover more about our environment, our accomplishments, our heritage, and ourselves. They motivate a desire toward a better understanding of science, industry, health, and history through involvement in exhibits, demonstrations, and a variety of educational activities and experiences. COSI is for the enrichment of the individual and for a more rewarding life on our planet, Earth.

We visited COSI with our friends and their daughter and all of the kids honestly had such a great time. We all had fun exploring all of the exhibits, taking part in the interactive shows and learning at the various activity stations.  

Here is a video of our 6 year old, Jace who was called up on stage during the Electrostatic Generator Show, please excuse my loud laugh throughout the video!!  He loved taking part in the show and learned several things too...

(please turn the music off at the bottom of the page to hear the video!!)

Check out this girls crazy hair, yep static electricity at it's finest!

Can you believe that they were holding hands and waiting for a shock to go from one person to another!  Our friends 3 year old daughter did this and although it didn't hurt her it scared the daylights out of her, she didn't want to hold any one's hand the rest of the day! 

In the Ocean Exhibit they were able to climb down in a mini-sub and then enter the control station,  wow that's a lot of switches to control at one time, hope they know what they are doing!

In the Life Exhibit there were interactive stations that determined your strength, flexibility and heart rate.  Brent and Craig were trying to see who was the strongest, it was definitely a competition between them!

Jennifer was testing her flexibility, maybe being a cheerleader in school gave her an advantage...she was definitely more flexible than me, but that doesn't take much!

Josie and Grady were having fun exploring the Gadgets Exhibit, they both look like they are concentrating hard on their activities!

Jennifer and I were trying to look the smartest in the group...not sure we exactly accomplished that!! LOL

Look at this wise-guy...yep definitely looks smarter than we do!  I did say "looks" though  ;)

They all had fun in the Progress Exhibit too, nothing like going back to the old days...

A little hula-hooping and hanging out in a retro diner....

Jace had fun gassing up an old bug too :-)

Over all it was a fun, educational day!  COSI on Wheels visits our elementary school every year and Jace loved it this year!  If you live in Ohio I would highly recommend you taking a trip to this learning center!

To learn more about COSI or to plan your visit please go to:

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Disclaimer: COSI provided me with a pack of tickets to conduct a review and reader giveaway. However, my opinions on the facility are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards COSI in anyway!

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  1. I'd love to visit COSI again! We went last summer and had an awesome time but didn't have time to do everything we wanted to do!