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BACK-TO-SCHOOL with Willa Skincare - Review and Give-a-way ends 09/10/2012...

Skincare is so important and it's never to young to start a skincare regimen and teach young girls how to properly care for their face/skin.  

As the motto of Willa Skincare goes -- "Start young. Stay young."  that's really the truth isn't it!?  If you start taking care of your skin at an early age you can really stay youthful in the long run with beautiful skin.

So today, I am excited to introduce a skincare line geared toward young girls, tweens and teens created by a young girl named Willa...

Willa's Natural Skincare was founded on the philosophy that embracing simple and important skincare routines at an early age sets a girl up for a lifetime, Willa promotes healthy skin. Willa's 17-product range cleanses, nourishes, and protects the skin without damaging chemicals, parabens, dyes, or sulfates. Each one is special and different because they were developed by girls, for girls.  Willa's friends in NYC and cousins in CA have been helping her test and tweak the products, not only are they great for skin, but they look cool too!

With school just starting and new beginning's happening, why not add another important regimen into your girls' schedule  --skincare!

Willa recently sent over a few of their products for us to try and we are excited to tell you about them.  Of course I am no young girl (31 at that!) so I called in my niece, Shi, who is just starting her senior year of high school to give these products a try.

We received the Willa "Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash" to try. This luxurious liquid-to-foam cleanser with anti-oxidant green tea and leaf extract removes dirt, oil and the remains of the day with a gentle touch to reveal your most beautiful healthy glow with a fresh summer scent.

*Paraben and Sulfate Free
*DEA and Phthalate Free
*Not Tested on Animals
*Made lovingly in the USA

We also received the Willa "On The Go" Gentle Cleansing Lavender Facial Towelettes (available in a 10 or 30 count pack)

Give your face a quick pick-me-up with On The Go lavender facial towelettes. They refreshingly clean away daily debris revealing perfectly balanced skin. Infused with soothing lavender, hydrating aloe and detoxifying green tea, there's absolutely no need to wash off!  So even when you have no time tos "wash" reach for the On The Go towelettes to always look and feel your best wherever you are at.


My niece Shi loves looking and feeling her best.  She's so pretty (see below) and skincare is very important to her.  She goes to school, works part-time and is involved with many other activities.  She was so excited to try the Willa products out.  She loved the facewash.  She enjoyed the light scent and said the foam was so soft and made her skin feel great.  She also said she loved that it came with a pump, making it easy for her to use just the right amount and she likes to keep it in the shower so she can easily wash her face during her normal bathing routine! 

She also loved the facial towelettes.  She really like the lavender scent and loved that she could put these in her backpack or in her car so that she could easily freshen up when she got off work, after gym class etc...  She said she would definitely purchase these again and loved that they could be found at Target for an affordable price!

I gave both a try as well to make sure these were as great as she said.  The foaming wash was so gentle and the foam itself really was so luxurious and soft.  The wipes got all of my makeup off and the lavender scent was very nice.  They are both very gentle and light scented, making them perfect for girls of any age. 

Willa Skincare offers so many other products and can be found at places like, Target and JCREW Crewcuts stores/websites--

Clean --On The Go Facewash and On The Go Cleansing Towelettes

Face --Face Friendly Moisturizer, Face The Day SPF, Take Action Acne Treatment and Fresh Face Cucumber Mask

Body --Born To Glow SPF Shimmer Lotion and Be Brilliant Natural Body Lotion

Smile --Smile Butter Lip Balm, Smile Shimmer Lip Gloss and Smile Shine Lip Gloss

Travel --Travel Kit Sleep Over Cosmetic Bag

Over all we loved the Willa Skincare products!  We would definitely recommend you checking them out and want to thank the kind people over at Willa for sending us several for review!

To view all of the Willa Skincare products please visit:

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Disclaimer: Willa Skincare provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a product sample to conduct this product review and reader give-a-way.  However, our opinions of the product are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or product in anyway!