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How to Create the Perfect Home for every Family Member

How to Create the Perfect Home for every Family Member

Anyone who loves animals will tell you that their pet is part of the family. Whether you have a faithful canine companion or a cat that runs the house, you’ll want to make your home just as perfect for them, as it is for your children. Creating the perfect home means creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Check out our reviews on the best home living solutions for your family – whoever that may be!

Kid’s Bedrooms

As your children grow, they’re likely to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms; playing games, listening to music, causing mischief – you name it! In order to create the perfect living environment for our children, bedrooms needs to be comfortable, practical, fun and safe – this sounds like a very daunting task. Don’t be overwhelmed however, as there are a number of smart solutions available when building and renovating.

Choosing wardrobe space which is practical and child-friendly will encourage your children to clean up after themselves and allow you to create space for their belongings. For toys and games that they play with regularly, for instance, creating a pack away area that is within their reaching height. When selecting a flooring type for a child’s bedroom, reviews show that many parents opt for carpeted floors, as this provides a more comfortable solution for kids who like to sit on the floor when playing. LED down lights are often used in children’s rooms, as they are a safe alternative to other options and provide an adequate amount of light for play and study.

Pet Friendly Flooring Solutions

If your four-legged friend is part of the family, make sure your home accommodates for their presence, particularly if you have an inside pet. A number of flooring options have recently been improved to provide stronger durability and a more scratch resistant surface. Choosing a hard-wearing floor surface will assist in preventing scratch marks from claws and nails, helping to keep all family members happy. A reputable builder will offer you the choice of tiling or timber look flooring, which both provide great options for families. Many new home owners choose to use tiling in the bathroom and laundry areas, while opting to use timber look flooring in living areas for a more comforting feel.

Storage Success

Adequate storage is going to keep both the kids and mom and dad happy. Look for extra storage space wherever you can, from the kitchen and the laundry to bedrooms and linen cupboards. A number of builders offer various storage options when developing a house and land package, including both bathroom and kitchen solutions. Having sufficient drawer and cupboard space in your bathroom can help to keep bench tops clean and tidy. Kitchen storage can often be amplified through the use of ‘utility tower’ storage system, which allows you to maximise cupboard and pantry space.

There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to improve the comfort and living quality of your family. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing house, consider these family-friendly ideas for creating a home that will grow as your family does.

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  1. Storage is something I never have enough of!!!!

  2. I know, Sarah! I feel the same way. I can't wait for school to start so that I can get organized again when the boys are at school :-)