Monday, August 20, 2012

Tommy Bartlett Show Wisconsin Dells, WI - The Greatest Show on H20!

"The Greatest Show on H20"

If you are planning a visit to Wisconsin Dells, WI then you HAVE to get tickets to "The Greatest Show on H20" 

-- The Tommy Bartlett Show! --

The Tommy Bartlett Water Ski and Boat Jumping Thrill Show was born in 1952, thus celebrating their 60th year this summer. The Show has wowed audiences of all ages for years on the scenic shores of Lake Delton and for good reason at that!   

Throughout its history, Bartlett's water extravaganza has continually evolved, combining choreography, famous entertainers, amazing stunts and state-of-the-art sound and visual technologies.  It is the longest-running, live, outdoor entertainment show of it's kind.  Tommy Bartlett created good, wholesome family friendly entertainment.  He brought it to the Dells and shared it with the world.  More than 20 million spectators have experienced the vision of Tommy Bartlett at the Wisconsin Dells Family show.

I am so excited to have experienced this show with my family while we were in the Dells.  It's honestly one of a kind.  You see signs all over advertising for the show, but until you go and see it you have no idea just how awesome it really is and how much talent is put into it.  My husband, our two boys ages 6 and 4 and my grandmother who is in her late 70's all LOVED this show.  The show lasts a good 2 hours and we were all thoroughly entertained the entire time!

So let me show you some of our  pictures...

The boys loved the speeding boats

and this awesome spaceship that skiing astronauts came flying out of!

They also loved the hilarious "Aqua T. Clown" and his Gorilla friend who also made their way onto the water!

You will be amazed at the pyramids 


and ski tricks these guys and girls are capable of!  Truly a talented bunch.  The pictures don't even show half of what these guys and gals do.  They are amazing to say the least!

The fun doesn't end on the water though.  There is so much more to the Tommy Bartlett show off of the water too!

You will love the Man-Carrying Kite that is catapulted by boat from the Tommy Bartlett Stage up into the air, soaring to an unbelievably high 700 feet above the water. 

 Watch as this dare devil elegantly maneuvers the lighted glider through the night sky and then glides all the way back down to the very spot that he launched from!

If you are afraid of heights then you might want to close your eyes when the Nerveless Nocks take the stage with their nail-biting aerial performances!  These dare devils go high into the sky with no net below them!  It was definitely something to see, we were all on the edge of our seats watching them!

There are many other stage performers too.  The whole family will enjoy T.J. Howell and his sons who will entertain you with juggling and unicycle rides, and we can't forget about Dieter Tasso who will make you laugh so hard with his signature line "You Like It, I Do It Again!" -- you have to be there to understand what I am talking about and it's totally worth a trip!

My family and I are still talking about the show.  My grandma said it was "The Best part about visiting Wisconsin Dells!" 

--We would highly recommend a trip to the Dells just to see it!!

Rain or Shine! 

"It's Ski Time, Tommy Bartlett Show Time!"

Tommy Bartlett Ski Show Performances run daily from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  That's right there is still plenty of time to make it to the Dells to catch this amazing show!  

Two show times daily 4:30 and 8:30 pm - reserve a seat in the shade or bask in the sun while taking it all in, your choice!

To learn more about the Tommy Bartlett Show or to purchase your tickets online please visit:

Disclaimer: We want to thank the Tommy Bartlett Show for providing The Jackson Five Family Blog with complimentary passes to conduct this review/feature. However, our opinions of the show are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the show in anyway !


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