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Places-to-go... Original Wisconsin Ducks Tour, Wisconsin Dells, WI...

Voted "Best Ride in Wisconsin" by Wisconsin Trails Magazine, 2007

There are so many things to do in Wisconsin Dells, WI and one of the best things that we did while visiting was taking a tour on the Original Wisconsin Ducks --Wisconsin Dells' premier land and water excursion.

If you've never been on a "duck" before it's a must! Is it a boat or a car? It's really both in reality. The vehicle first emerged from the World War II era and they are officially called  D.U.K.W.s -which is a military code representing characteristics of the vehicle D = 1942, U = amphibian, K = front wheel drive and W = rear-wheel drive.  So you can see that a "duck" really has it all and is the best of both worlds as it's able to navigate on both land and water.

The Original Wisconsin Duck tour's are one of Wisconsin's most loved attractions.  They have been navigating the land and water for more than 65 years!  There are 90 vehicles total and they are the largest fleet of tour ducks in the nation.

When you climb aboard an Original Wisconsin Duck you are in for a real treat.  Your driver will first take you on a tour by land and you will be able to see some of Wisconsin's most beautiful landscape.  You will see miles of fern dells, hidden canyons and roller coaster hills en route to the amazing splash downs into Lake Delton and the Wisconsin River.

While you are enjoying some of the most scenic things that Wisconsin landscape as to offer, you will also be thoroughly entertained by your top-notch duck driver. They will serve up a novel tour mix including a bit of Wisconsin geology, a dash of world history and, of course, a hefty helping of good, old fashioned Midwest humor.  

Whether you decide to take a morning excursion to wake you up, an afternoon adventure with your family or a nice evening ride to end the day, I promise you that you will love what the tour offers and you will see some of the most beautiful landscape that mother nature has to offer!


My family and I, which included my husband and myself, our 2 boys who are 6 and 4 and my grandmother who is in her late 70's all enjoyed the tour.  The day we went the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had so much fun.  It was a nice break to get away from all of the touristy things that the Dells offer and to really get a taste of what Wisconsin nature is like. 

And we're off... 

Our tour guide did such a great job for only have driven a duck for just a short period of time.  He said that he has worked there for a few years in the summer, but this was his very 1st summer giving tours and was only a few weeks in when we went.

He guided us through a peaceful path and the boys absolutely loved seeing this deer below.  It was so tame and just looked at us going by, didn't run away or anything. That made their day!!

After driving on land we finally got to splash our way into the waters' of Lake Delton and the Wisconsin River...

The sky could not have been any bluer the day of our tour, just blue skies and wispy white clouds...  

The views from the river were also gorgeous.  I loved that there were so many people enjoying both the lake and river --people boating, fishing, hanging out on tubes and just enjoying a beautiful day on the waters of Wisconsin.

We all enjoyed the ride...

and would definitely recommend you taking a tour on the Original Wisconsin Ducks while visiting Wisconsin Dells, WI!

We want to take this time to thank them for allowing us the opportunity to take a duck tour.  It honestly was so much fun and the views were more gorgeous than we could have ever imagined!

To learn more about the Original Wisconsin Ducks or to book your tour please visit:

Disclaimer: The Original Wisconsin Ducks provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with complimentary passes to conduct this places-to-go feature/review.  However, our opinions of the tour are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company in anyway!


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