Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keep Your Kids Safe Online!!

 Do your kids get online?  Do they stay connected with their friends through social network's? 

Just last night I was reading through my Facebook feed and another parent posted that her young daughter was getting inappropriate messages from someone claiming to be from our town and other parent's said that the same "person" was writing to their children too.  She took screen shots and sent them to our local police department and reported this to Facebook.

 She has no idea who the person really is because the page was obviously made up by someone sending these messages.  She is worried that this person could be from our town and attack her daughter in real life, how scary. 

Do you monitor your kids online?  It's really something every parent should do!

I received this Internet Safety Sheet today with tips for kids and teens who get online and I hope you will read through the information and share it with your children as it does contain many useful tips and facts to keep them safe.

Illustration source: Lexero Internet Law Firm
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All information has been provided to me to share with you!


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