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Nutrisystem Week 13 Jenna / Week 9 Craig

Jenna's Nutrisystem Journey Week 13
Today I am excited to share a Nutrisystem success story with you guys.  Nutrisystem just shared the story of Keishia Kemp.  Keishia is the Fit Girls Rule Founder and is going to appear in their National Ad Campaigns this diet season.

Keishia is a true inspiration as she went from a size 12 down to a size 0 and has lost 40 lbs in just 8 months through a combination of Nutrisystem, dance fitness and strength training!  How amazing is that? 

Kemp, like many of us didn't want to count calories or points, get weighed-in, visit centers or attend meetings and that's why Nutrisystem was right for her. Kemp said of all elements her diet was probably the most important factor in changing her physique. She said that when she became regimented about her food consumption and portions, drank water and increased her vitamin intake, the changes were immediate and incredible.

It's so amazing to see her transformation and know that if you keep pushing yourself you can do anything you set your mind too.

Here are Keishia's 5 Smart Tips

Ditch the Diet Mindtrap
There is a difference between dieting versus adopting a healthy lifestyle. “Healthy living is a state of mind,” notes Kemp. “Once Nutrisystem changed my mindset about food, mentally, I moved beyond the short-term idea of ‘merely dieting.’ You don’t have to stop eating-just eat better!” 

Do What You Love
The old adage is, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” and Kemp feels the same way about working out. “Pain and misery are not a byproduct of exercise, so do something that keeps you in a good mood and feeling positive about exercise,” says Kemp. “Every once in a while, change up your routine, so that your body receives a jolt of energy-an injection of kickboxing, hiking, and even trapeze flying will do the trick!”

 Be Inspired and Be Inspiring
Share your goals with people — it can help with those who truly want to understand. “I let my friends and loved ones know that my smaller indulgences were no rejection of our shared love of good food or traditions, but because I wanted to be healthy and continue on my plan. I’ve met amazing new people along the way and have created a circle of fitness buddies,” explains Kemp. “The cycle of inspiration is remarkable.” 

Chart Your Course
“A lifetime of health and wellness starts with personal accountability,” notes Kemp. “I like to think of myself as a ‘certified health accountant’ because of my commitment to tracking my progress. I’ve found great success in journaling meals, weight and measurements, water consumption, vitamin and mineral intake, sleep patterns, and even health and self-care appointments.”

 Be Who You Want to Be
Your opinion of you and your assessment of yourself worth is the most important opinion to consider. “Over the course of my journey to the new me, I learned how to be happy, self-assured, and positively content with myself and my imperfections. You can’t put a price on that feeling of pride and self-satisfaction,” says Kemp.

Here are my current stat's --

1st Week - Starting Weight 131.4
2nd Week - 127.8
3rd Week - 125.8
4th Week - 123.8
5th Week 125.2
6th Week 124 
7th Week 122.8 
8th Week 122.1 
9th Week 122.1 
10th Week 121.8
11th Week 121.7
12th Week 121.1

I am so excited that I have finally hit a 10 lbs weight loss!  I never thought this day would come!!
I am so excited about my progress and can't wait to share next week's journey with you guys!  Thanks again for following me :-)
Craig's Nutrisystem Journey Week 9
This week was a bit challenging for me.  I've had to work quite a bit out of town and it's been hard staying on track during the day.  I work in retail and this is our busiest time of year with Christmas quickly approaching at the end of the month. 
It's hard eating healthy when you are on the go from the morning until the evening when you return home. I am glad that I've been able to grab some of the Nutrisystem bar's and take them with me for breakfast and lunch which does make it a little easier. The hardest part though is just remembering to drink enough water and having those snacks in between meals. I know that when I am busy, sometimes I simply forget or don't have time to eat when I should.
I have still been getting on the treadmill which has been helping.  When I got on the scale today I was down about .5 lbs.  It's not very much, but better than gaining weight.
Thanks for following, I will be back next week with better results hopefully. 
Here are my current results...

Starting Weight - 226

1st Week - 220
2nd Week -220 
3rd Week - 218
4th Week - 216.5
5th Week - 215
6th Week -215
7th Week -213
8th Week 212.5 
9th Week 212

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