Monday, July 30, 2012

I am excited to be accepted into the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program...

I am so excited to tell you all that I have been accepted to take part in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program.  What this means is that for the next 4 months Nutrisystem will sponsor me on their Nutrisystem Success Women's Select Program and I will be sharing my journey with you!

Each month I will receive enough food for every meal to help me reach my weight loss goals.  Not only will I be receiving complimentary food, but I will also receive a Meal Planner, On the Go Meal Planner and Dining Out Guide.  I will also have access to the Nutrisystem Online Community which will give me the support I need to make this journey a success!

I can't tell you how excited I am to participate in this program.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and I can't wait to share my journey with you each week.  Since I've had kids my body hasn't been the same.  I've been up and down with my weight since having each of them and I know that I need to eat healthier and workout more. My biggest problem area is my waist and I can't wait to see how Nutrisystem can help me change that.  I am so self conscience of my body.  Always trying to wear a flowy shirt to conceal my chubby waist or trying to suck in my stomach for pictures.  It gets so old after awhile, so together with Nutrisystem and exercise I am hoping to make big changes!  

Here is a recent picture of me from my friends wedding.  I really wanted to lose some weight before the wedding and it didn't happen. 

Here is a picture of me from September 2010.  So almost two years ago.  I love the way I look in this picture and hope with the help of this program that I can get back on track.  You just don't realize how you change until you see a picture of yourself!

I hope you will all follow me as I embark on this journey-- I am so excited and appreciative of this opportunity that Nutrisystem is giving me!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

*I am being provided four months of Nutrisystem food and counsel for free as a blogger. All opinions are 100% my own*

D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media Player Review and Give-a-way ends 08/13/2012...

Our lives are constantly filled with technology these days.  There are always new products being released and I can't wait to share one of the newest with you...

It's the brand new 

D-Link MovieNite Plus
Streaming Media Player

If your family loves watching movies, tv shows, and listening to music then you are going to love the  D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media player!

With one little box that is easily hooked up to your tv within minutes, you will be able to stream all of these things and more into your home in Full 1080p HD Video Quality.

When I told my 6 year old who is obsessed with "tech savvy" gadgets what this little box was going to do, he couldn't wait until it arrived.  Before I tell you more about it's features, let me first tell you about the set up.  Of course this showed up when my husband was at work and I thought there is noway that I will be able to hook this up without him home.  Well I was wrong, setup was extremely easy.  It's as simple as hooking a cord into the back of your tv and then another into the actual MovieNite Plus box and then plugging it in.  You just can't believe that within minutes you can transform your tv into something new, that will bring so much fun and entertainment into your lives!

 So now more about the product --  The MovieNite Plus provides you with compelling options from the biggest names in entertainment.

It allows you to stream your favorite movies and shows from Netflix and YouTube in full 1080p HD video quality.

It also allows you to rent movies the same day they are released on DVD with VUDU.

And if you are a music lover like my family is then you will love that you can connect with today's hottest artists and discover new favorites with Pandora Radio.

The fun doesn't end there though, the MovieNite Plus allows you to do so much more.  You can view your Facebook and Twitter accounts right from your tv screen.  You can also check the weather with, view your pictures on your Picasa or Flickr account's and if you have a D-Link Camera you can even view the video on screen.

Last, but not least there are also over 130 apps and channels which means there is virtually something for everyone in your family to watch!

So now your wondering how much does all of this cost?  The MovieNite Plus box retails for around $80.  Most everything else is free.  Pandora Radio, YouTube, access to your picture accounts etc... are all free.  You do have to pay a monthly fee for Netflix which is only $7.99 a month.  That gives you access to movies, tv shows, kids cartoons and so much more.  Definitely worth the small monthly price if you choose to use Netflix, of course it's optional.  

Then there is VUDU.  I wasn't familiar with VUDU before receiving this unit, but we love it!  It's a pay-per-view system.  So that means there is no monthly fee.  You only pay for what you want to watch.  Most movies are around $3.99 and as soon as a movie is released on DVD it is also available on VUDU.  No more going to the video store --LOVE!

We also love listening to music.  That's where Pandora comes in.  Again, completely free.  Listen to any kind of music right from your tv.  Or maybe you want to watch the latest music video, look it up on YouTube and instantly watch it on your screen.  Again, completely free!

We absolutely LOVE the MovieNite Plus.  When we were first asked to review it, I wasn't completely sure what it did, but now that we have had it for several weeks this is definitely one of those products we can't live without.  My kids are in heaven and barely watch cable now. They jam to music, watch their favorite cartoons on demand and Jace loves watching things on YouTube.  

I love finding new exercise workouts or makeup tutorials on YouTube as well.  Last night our kids stayed overnight at my parents and my husband and I picked out a new movie to watch right from the couch. It was so nice not having to run to the video store and worrying about returning a DVD on time or getting a late fee. 

You never have to worry about browsing your cable stations and not being able to find something to watch again.  You can now search any of the channels and apps available and instantly have your interest right at your fingertips!

We highly recommend the MovieNite Plus to you, as our whole family loves it!  It's affordable, easy to setup, easy to use and will bring so much fun and entertainment into your home and onto your tv!

To learn more about the D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media Player please visit:


- Now for our give-a-way -

I'm SO excited to tell you that one lucky reader is going to win their very own D-Link MovieNite Plus valued at $80!


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Disclaimer: D-Link provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a product sample to conduct this product review and reader give-a-way.  However, our opinions of the product are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or product in anyway!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm not sure if you all have noticed our newest "Places To Go Features" tab at the top of the page, but if you haven't you can now view all of our past, present and future Places To Go features all in one place.  We hope to continuously add new locations to this, hopefully inspiring you to visit somewhere new!

Our next feature will be Wisconsin Dells, WI.  We have a fun trip coming up and we are all really excited about it.  We have done little trips here and there this summer, but haven't really been on a family vacation yet.  

We have several fun things planned while there like a visit to Kalahari Resort's Indoor / Outdoor Waterpark and Indoor Theme Park

and we will be taking a fun adventure on the Ride the Ducks Tour that splashes into Lake Delton and the Wisconsin River

The boys' are just beside themselves with excitement and I have to say I am too!  I am ready to spend some quality time with my family, all while having some fun!

If any of you have visited the Dells and recommend any restaurants or places to visit, we would love to hear them! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Wisconsin Dells features.  I am excited to share our trip with you -- there are sure to be lots of fun memories made and pictures taken!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whitening Lightning Review and Give-a-way plus a 70 percent discount code!!

We all want to look our best and one of the first things other people notice about someone else is their smile.  In pictures or talking to someone face-to-face it's hard not to notice whether someone has pearly whites.  

Today I am excited to bring you Whitening Lightning products.  Whitening Lightning recently sent me several of their products to try and the first two are teeth whitening pens.  They sent one of their Super Booster Pen's ($79) and one of their Zero White Whitening Pen's ($79).  

Each pen offers an affordable and convenient way to easily whiten your teeth and you can expect to see results in as little as 14 days!  You simply brush the gel from the applicator pen onto each tooth and then let it dry.  I brushed it on right before I went to bed each night and then used a hairdryer to make sure it was dry. I then slept with it on overnight. It was that easy. 

I have been using the Super Booster Whitening Lightning Pen for almost 2 weeks now and my teeth look so white.  They have definitely lightened in color and it was so easy to do!  I can't wait to continue using the Pen and see just how white they will get.  The pens work exactly the same, but if you have sensitive teeth you will love the Zero White Whitening Pen as it has no peroxide.
  My 6 year old was taking the pictures, I wish the big one was focused in a little better, but you can still tell how white they are. Neither of these have been photo shopped, just my natural pearly whites, LOVE THEM!

The next products sent for review were the Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss Trio ($99 for the trio or $38 each).  I LOVE lip gloss so I couldn't wait to try these.  The set contains 3 gorgeous colors - Crystal which is a pretty neutral peach, Icicle which is a pretty bubblegum pink and Jewel which is a rich bronzy color.

Each lip gloss contains collagen peptides to increase lip volume and reduce lip wrinkles, while doubling as an amazing moisturizer.  The collagen peptides rapidly speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly. 

Each lip gloss also features a Built-In Light and Mirror which I love! There are so many times I am somewhere without a mirror and this is so great.  Not only can I now see myself putting on the gloss, but the light illuminates my lips in the day or evening so I can see just where I am applying it, no more worrying if you have some on your teeth, ha!  Awesome feature!!  The glosses go on smooth and really stay on, not sticky at all!

Whitening Lightning offers many other products as well as the ones that I was able to try.  You can view ALL of their products by visiting:

The kind people over at Whitening Lightning are also going to offer you all an AMAZING deal!  Right now you can receive 70% off... you heard me right 70% off your entire purchase by using code


If you've ever wanted whiter teeth now is your chance to take advantage of this amazing offer.  You will be happy to know that they also offer a Money Back Guarantee, so what are you waiting for order now!

- Now for our give-a-way -

I'm SO excited to tell you that we are going to have 4 winners this time!  We will be giving away 3 individual lip glosses in the winners color choice valued at $38 each and then one lucky reader will win a Whitening Lightening Super Booster Pen valued at $79!!


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Disclaimer: Whitening Lightning provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a product sample to conduct this product review and reader give-a-way.  However, our opinions of the product are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or product in anyway!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kansas City Strip Steak Review and Give-a-way ends 08/02/2012...



 We love summer --  Hot weather, pool days and grilling out are some of our favorite reasons why.

 So when we recently had the opportunity to review a few steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company we were so excited!

Since 1932 the Kansas City Steak Company has been providing a fantastic value on the highest quality meats and other delicious fine foods. The company is based firmly on family values and that is why they have been around for over 75 years.  Those standards of integrity, quality and hard work have made them who they are today and a company you can trust.


The Kansas City Steak Company sent us a package of 4 (10oz) Kansas City Strip Steaks with a Prime Rib seasoning pack. Kansas City Strip Steaks are World Famous for rich steak flavor. Named for the city where it originated, Kansas City Strip Steaks are made from the world's finest western Kansas corn-fed beef.  Aged to perfection, tender and juicy, the perfect choice to entertain friends around the backyard grill.  AKA a New York Strip.

  When I told my husband these were coming he was beyond thrilled.  He is a meat man and loves a good steak so he couldn't wait until these arrived!  

 If you've never ordered steaks to your door before then maybe you don't even know how that works or are a little leery about it. As you can tell from the picture above they are individually vacuum sealed and shipped to you in an insulated cooler that is packed with dry ice.  They arrive fully frozen and perfectly safe, putting your mind at ease about having them delivered straight to your door.  You also get tracking information that tells you exactly when they are set to arrive, which is so nice.

"Grill-Master Craig" (and his sidekicks) couldn't let these sit long and got busy grilling them the same day that they arrived!  

He seasoned them with the package included and grilled them to perfection.  He made one for himself and one for his dad and they thoroughly enjoyed them, as if you can't tell from my husbands HUGE smile and his dad's mouth full  :-)

So now you are probably thinking why didn't I have one?  I must say that I am not a huge steak person, I know right?  I just don't like chewing on a gritty steak.  My husband insisted that I try his.  He told me this was "the best steak he's ever had", better than any he's had out at a restaurant. I will admit it did look juicy, but it was still just a steak, right? So I gave in and took a bite. I am not a picky eater at all, but steak has just never been my thing.  Well after trying the Kansas City Strip Steak I will admit that my mind has been changed!!  It was honestly the most tender, juiciest steak and had the best flavor.

  He was right, it really was that good!  He grilled one for me the next night and it was amazing. If steak could always be as tender and flavorful as one of these I would order steak more often. Now I'm anxious to order one of their filet's.  Like I said I never order steak or eat it when my husband is grilling and he thinks I am crazy, but after trying this one and loving it, I am sure their filet is more than amazing. That will definitely be our next Kansas City Steak purchase.

We guarantee that if you love steak (or maybe you don't) and you give their Kansas City Strip Steaks a try that you WILL be ordering more from them after your first KCS experience!

To learn more about the Kansas City Steak Company and all of the products they offer please visit:

- Now for our give-a-way -

I'm SO excited to tell you that 1 lucky reader is going to win their very own Kansas City Strip Steak package that includes 4 (10oz) Steaks and the Seasoning Pack valued $54.95!


Disclaimer: Kansas City Steak Company provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a product sample to conduct this product review and reader give-a-way.  However, our opinions of the product are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or product in anyway!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KitchenAid Mixer Give-a-way ends 08/15/2012...

Easy Dough is a fundraising company that works hard to make sure your fundraising event is enjoyable and profitable. They offer a free startup kit over at and are also giving away this color of choice KitchenAid Mixer on August 15th!

(details here)

Easy Dough Fundraising

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

We recently had the opportunity to stay at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza while visiting the Newport Aquarium and Ride the Ducks Tour.  

 This hotel is located in downtown Cincinnati and is one of a kind.  Why is it one of a kind you ask?  Because this gorgeous historic hotel was built in 1931 and is one of the world's finest examples of French Art Deco Style.  It is just beautiful on the inside and out.  Not something you see everyday, especially in a hotel.  

From the moment you arrive at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza you will know it's extraordinary! Admire rare Brazilian rosewood paneling, two-story ceiling murals and original German silver-nickel sconces. 

You will experience an unforgettable stay surrounded by classic architecture and modern hospitality.

The hotel provides more than 40,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting and event space, including 31 meeting rooms and 3 breathtaking ballrooms; Hall of Mirrors, Pavillion Ballroom and Continental Ballroom.  It also has 5 Executive Boardrooms for all of your business needs and 23 additional flexible spaces!

Whether you are there for business or strictly pleasure you will love relaxing in a stylish guest room that includes a comfortable bed and a generous work desk.  There are 561 guestrooms, including 71 suites.  Enjoy free high-speed internet, a full sized chair and ottoman, voice mail, coffeemakers and iron and ironing boards in each room.

The excellence of the hotel continues with fine dining at the Orchids at Palm Court, their award-winning restaurant.  Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to try it out ourselves, but we hear it's wonderful.  Their chef, Todd Kelly was named USA Chef of the Year 2011-2012 by the American Culinary Federation and it was named Cincinnati's #1 Restaurant four years in a row (2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012) by Cincinnati Magazine.


From the minute we arrived, we knew we were going to love this hotel.  Located in downtown Cincinnati we were within walking distance to so many things.  Check-in was easy and the staff couldn't have been more polite and helpful.  

It could have stopped there but it didn't.  Upon arrival to our room we were greeted by all of this...

2 Bottles of chilled water, fancy water goblets, a delicious tray of gourmet treats and a welcome letter from their Director of Sales, Bob Lewis telling us to enjoy our stay!  It was much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!  The boys LOVED those chocolate chip cookies and Craig and I loved the desserts!

Our room had an awesome view of the city and the Ohio River...

We also enjoyed the view from their Belvedere Club which is exclusive to Hilton Diamond and Gold Members.  We were invited there for their Continental Breakfast which we took advantage of the morning of our departure.

Love the huge pots of planted herbs that the boys are standing by, they actually grow these for use in their restaurant!

What I loved most about this hotel is that it was connected to Tower Place Mall which had my favorite store in it, T.J. Maxx!  We could literally walk through our hotel into the mall and go to T.J. Maxx which was only a few steps away, loved that!!  

Overall, we had a wonderful experience at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel. We would definitely stay there again and would highly recommend it to any of you!  

To learn more about the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel or to book your stay please visit: