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2012 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways - theBalm, Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette - Review and Giveaway ends on 01/10/2013...

Today's Gift Idea and Give-a-way is sponsored by theBalm Cosmetics --

TheBalm is a line of quality makeup made with only the best ingredients guaranted to give you a beautiful, natural look. The sassy names they give their products reflect the personality of theBalm...a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious!

I of course, being the makeup lover that I am was so excited when theBalm recently sent me several of their products to try, so let me tell you about them!

The first product, the Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette would make a wonderful gift as it's a palette loaded with 12 eyeshadows, a highlighter, a matte-peach blush and 2 multi-purpose creamy lip and cheek colors featuring chart topping names like "Milly" and "Vanilly", "Metal-ica", "DISCO, DISCO" and so much more!


Balm Jovi is your backstage pass to looking like a rockstar this holiday season and into the new year. I have been having so much fun with this palette, not only are the names so fun, but the colors are perfect for helping you rock out your look and making you shine like the star you are! I did my face using the colors in this set for our Christmas party yesterday and loved everything about it.

If you need a fun gift for your girlfriends or just want to give a fun gift to yourself then you will definitely want to give this a try!

I was also sent theBalm's Hot Momma which is a sexy shadow, beautiful blush and a true all-in-one essential. It's a gorgeous pinky-peach huge that will add a splash of color to your cheeks, a hint of shimmer to your lids and it will illuminate your favorite features --after trying this I LOVE it!!


The last two product's reviewed were the Stainiac Cheek and Lip Stain and the Schwing Black Liquid Eye Liner. Both really fun products that will give you a fun holiday look.

If you are looking for a fun gift this Christmas or want to update your look in the new year then you will definitely want to check out all of the great products that theBalm has to offer!

Lucky for you theBalm is giving away one of their Balm Jovi Palette's like I reviewed above valued at $39.50!! 

Merry Christmas!


Disclaimer: theBalm provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!        

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways - Ole Henriksen, Celebrate Flawless Skin Kit - Review and Giveaway ends on 01/03/2013...


Today's Gift Idea and Give-a-way is sponsored by

OLEHENRIKSEN --Nature, science, beauty, and wellness. These four key elements are behind every Ole Henriksen product, making it a total lifestyle line and a true depiction of the man behind the brand.

The holiday's are here and the new year is quickly approaching.  You should look and feel your best and it should start with flawless skin when you look in the mirror each morning. So let me tell you about a wonderful gift set that I recently had the chance to review from OLEHENRIKSEN called the "Celebrate Flawless Skin Kit"...

The OLEHENRIKSEN Celebrate Flawless Skin Kit includes 4 products to help you achieve flawless skin: 

  • 1 oz -Truth Serum Collagen Booster is a high powered vitamin C complex that helps smooth out lines and wrinkles and prevents further damage.

  • 1 oz -Truth Creme Advanced Hydration combines nature's finest ingredients with cutting edge technology, providing unmatched and superior anti-aging results.

  •  .5 oz Ultimate Lift Eye Gel contain calendula and cucumber to provide an instantly revitalized effect to fatigued, puffy and irritated eyes, while plumping and firming.

  •  1.5 oz African Red Tea Cleanser is an uplifting tonic that protects, renews and revitalizes skin with powerful hydrating and age defending nutrients; pores become visibly tighter.


I have been using these product's for several weeks now.  I never tell you guys about something that I haven't tried and with skincare I feel like I need to try it for a little while before I can give the products an honest review.

Well let me first tell you that I adore the stylish OLEHENRIKSEN travel bag that the products come in. It's bright orange and the interior has a fun striped lining. On one side of the interior there are two mesh pockets and on the other side there are three elastic bands so that each product can be stored securely and nicely in place.

Now I will tell you about my very first impression and that is the scent of them. They smell so good, almost like a light orange citrus scent which I love. 

Now onto the products-- at first I thought 1 oz is going to be so little, but I was surprised at just how much that is when you are talking about a serum, creams and gels etc... It's actually quite a bit. You need a very small amount of each product and these will actually last a long time.  The face cleanser is the only thing that I am starting to see a dent in and that's expected when I am washing my face morning and night. You really get a good amount in this kit and it's definitely worth the money!

Now I bet you are curious as to how well they work right?  Well I am very impressed with the products. I LOVE the foaming cleanser. It is such a rich foaming lather and seems to really clean my skin well without leaving it dry. I use the Truth Serum after washing my face at night and leave it on until morning along with applying the eye gel which really tightens the lines under my eyes. You can feel it start tightening and lifting almost instantly after applying it.  Then in the morning I wash my face with the cleanser once more and then I apply the hydrating creme which makes my skin so soft.  

I had never tried OLEHENRIKSEN products before, but I am really enjoying them. I would highly recommend this kit if you are looking to improve the clarity of your skin. They smell good, seem to work well and it's a great introduction kit to OLEHENRIKSEN if you are new to the brand!  

They offer many nice holiday kits-- You will love that you can purchase the products on the OLEHENRIKSEN website, on QVC and at Sephora giving you several options!

To learn more about all of the product's that OLEHENRIKSEN has to offer please visit:


One lucky reader is going to win the same kit that I reviewed above the --OLEHENRIKSEN Celebrate Flawless Skin Kit valued at $60!


Disclaimer: Ole Henriksen provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!        

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways - World Vision Gift Catalog Thai 100% Silk Scarf - Review and Giveaway ends on 01/02/2013...



Today's Gift Idea and Give-a-way is sponsored by World Vision and we are excited to be featuring their Gift Catalog. World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. They serve the world's poor, regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

If you are looking to make the Holidays more meaningful this year please consider shopping the World Vision Gift Catalog where the top holidays gift isn't an iPad, it's a goat! Imagine helping someone in need this holiday --no you won't be buying them predictable presents like iPads or scooters, dolls or even gift cards this year, but more meaningful, life-changing gifts that will meet the urgent needs of children around the world.

Give a goat, cow or chickens this year and provide a family with new sources of nutrition and the potential to sell eggs or milk, helping the family climb out of poverty. For only $101 you could give 13 small farm animals: 10 ducks, 2 chickens and 1 rabbit which will provide ample protein and vital nutrition including eggs, meat and more for years to come.

Maybe you love sports, feel great knowing that you can provide a school with brand new soccer balls and give the children the gift of fun and activity. When basics like food and health care are scarce many children have never had a real soccer ball to play with. 2 Soccer Balls only $16, 6 for only $48 --give the love of sports today!

If you are a gardener then you will love providing fast growing hybrid or drought-resistant seeds for a farmer, helping feed the farmer's family for seasons to come. Provide seeds for one family and it's only $17 or for only $30 you could provide Seeds, Tools and Training in Africa which could be the difference between life or death for hungry children.

Are you a cyclist? How great will it make you feel being able to provide a child her first bicycle and safe transportation to and from school. In countries like Cambodia and India, many girls are forced to drop out of school because they live too far away or risk dangers such as violence or kidnapping on their walking route. Your gift of a bicycle will provide safe, speedy transportation for these eager young students, enabling them to achieve their dreams of education — and a brighter future.

 Help where it's needed most ... AND get a gift for yourself or someone you care about! By contributing to the Maximum Impact Fund which provides for the unique needs of children and families worldwide you can choose to receive handmade gifts such as ornaments from Nairobi or accessories from Thailand like this Thai 100% silk scarf that I received above.

 After the harvest season, the hard working women of Thailand's Surin Province put down the tools of farming and take up the loom. These beautiful scarves are hand-woven into distinctive striped patterns. The one I received (shown above) is just gorgeous and very special --it's available for a donation of $125.

This is World Vision's 17th annual edition of the catalog. Since 1996 the catalog's popularity as a gift-giving alternative has grown with more than 160,000 purchases last year raising over $33 million that helped more than 825,000 people around the world! Goats remain the most popular item --more than 67,000 goats were given to families around the world in 2011. You can purchase a goat for just $75! 

If you are willing to give this season please check out the World Vision Gift Catalog by visiting:


You can also learn more about the recipients of items purchased in the gift catalog through the catalog's Facebook Page HERE!


One lucky reader is going to win this hand-woven Thai 100% Silk Scarf (available for a donation of $125)


  Disclaimer:  World Visionprovided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!       

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways - Magic Cabin Rubens Barn Linne Dolls- Review and Giveaway ends on 01/01/2013...


Gift Idea and Give-a-way #21 is sponsored by Magic Cabin.

Magic Cabin started in 1989 from humble beginnings and today offers you a full-color, full-size catalog featuring children's toys and crafts that will spark your child's imagination with their beautiful and enchanting, sturdy and safe, and best of all, FUN products!

Today I am excited to tell you about a line of dolls they carry called Rubens Barn Dolls. Since 1995, Rubens Barn ("Barn" means "children" in Swedish) has been creating beautiful dolls with a level of charisma, innocence, and heart, unlike any dolls on the market today.  

We recently received this  Sweet Pea doll from their Rubens Linne Dolls Line.
The Ruben Barn Linne Dolls line is a family of dolls drawn from nature, designed by the gifted dollmakers at Rubens Barn, and named for noted Swedish botanist Carl Linnnaeus. These dolls feature the signature lovable Rubens Barn look with their sparkly embroidered eyes, sweet pixie faces and feature cuddly soft-sculpted, incredibly imaginative costumes that are crafted from the same wonder and fun as nature's own creations.

They offer so many and their names are all nature related: Blueberry, Bluebird, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Chantarelle, Ladybird, Moss, Mushroom, Pine Cone, Strawberry, Sweet Pea and Winter Rose.

The Sweet Pea doll we received for review is just adorable! The doll is so soft and is adorned with pretty pink sweet pea flowers giving it the name of "sweet pea" of course!  Your children will love that these dolls are so soft and made from the softest fleece so that every hug is warm and comforting. As a parent you will love that each one is handmade and machine washable for easy care

Magic Cabin offers so many neat items and I am sure you will find the perfect gift this Christmas with their huge selection of products! To learn more about the Rubens Barn Linne Dolls or to browse all of their products please visit:


One lucky reader will win their very own Rubens Barn Linne Doll valued at $24.98!!


  Disclaimer:  Magic Cabin provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!        

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Joe Snow Broom Review and Give-a-way ends on 12/31/2012

Have you received any snow this year? We have been pretty lucky so far, but here in Ohio you just never know when the first big snowfall will be. It's never too early to be prepared and have the tools necessary to "dig" your way out if you have to. 

Today I am excited to share a product with you from Snow Joe. It's the Snow Joe Snow Broom which will replace your average snow scrapper and snow brush-- it has quickly become the essential winter tool.

The Snow Broom is different than your average scrapper or brush as it will quickly and safely sweep snow off of your car and away from you, keeping you dry and won't damage your vehicles' finish or scratch your cars paint. The typical snow scraper is suitable only for windows because the plastic material could scratch your vehicle and a snow brush requires a pulling motion to clear the snow, right onto your coat and boots...brrrrr! The Snow Broom solves both of these problems with an oversized foam head that won't scratch or harm the finish of of your vehicle. It also features a telescoping handle that adjusts from 30 inches into 49 inches so that you can easily push snow away from you instead of pulling it, again keeping you dry!

  • Push heavy, wet snow away fast
  • Durable non-abrasive foam head is safe on cars
  • Auto-locking extension pole adjusts form 30 inces to 49 to extend your reach
  • Perfect for any size vehicle, stores easily
  • Built in ice scraper to clear away ice buildup on your windshield
  • Weighs only 1.2 pounds --perfect for use by anyone!    

President and CEO of Snow Joe, Joseph Cohen said "As someone who has spent my entire life getting wet by scraping and brushing snow, I knew there had to be a better way to clear snow off of a car-- The Snow Broom quickly removes snow while keeping you dry and without scratching your vehicle. Its compact size makes it a perfect addition to the supplies in the trunk so drivers can be prepared for winter snowstorms."

The Snow Broom’s durable molded polyethylene foam head has been lab tested for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance, center load stress and durability. At six inches by 17 inches, the high-impact plate can tackle wide swaths of snow with each pass. It is supported by seven columns that evenly distribute the weight load, making it effective on even wet and heavy snow. The powder coated steel telescoping handle has cold resistant nylon threads and extends from 27.5 inches to 46 inches, so the entire car can be cleared from one side of the vehicle.

Although we haven't had to use our new Snow Joe Snow Broom just yet, we are glad that we have a tool that is going to help us safely and effectively remove the snow and keep us dry at the same time. Noone likes to be out in the cold and snow trying to remove snow from windshields. We have done it all of our lives and if this product makes it quicker and easier then we will gladly give it a try!

To view all of the Snow Joe products and to learn more about the Snow Broom which retails for only $19.99, please visit:


One lucky reader is going to win their very own Snow Joe Snow Broom valued at $19.99!


Disclaimer:  Snow Joe provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!        

2012 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways - iFrogz Headphones and Earbuds- Review and Giveaway ends on 12/31/2012...


Gift Idea and Give-a-way #20 is sponsored by iFrogz

My husband and I love music and our love for music has been passed down to our boys'.  They love stealing my phone or my husbands iPod and grabbing a pair of head phones and just jamming.  That's great and all, but what isn't so great is that our headphones and earbuds are made for adults so they never fit well fit well and they are way too loud for their little ears!

That's why we were excited when iFrogz recently sent us a pair of their new child-friendly Animatone Earbuds to review.  Their new Animatone line consists of playful earbuds and headphones that feature animal-inspired designs that are perfect for any child, and provide audio limiting protection for young, developing ears.

Both the earbuds and headphones include built-in volume governors to prevent sounds from being turned louder than 85 decibels --approximately the volume of a telephone dial tone. Also, the Animatone headphones and earbuds come in three bright colors -red, blue and green and feature corresponding animal print, such as ladybug, snail and turtle designs.

The boys loved their new earbuds and my husband and I love that they are made just for kids. He always says "gosh our kids will be deaf before they even become teens" because they turn them up too loud. This is exactly what we needed and it's a win-win for both adults and children. Your kids will love having their own colorful set of earbuds or headphones and you will love that they are safe for their ears little ears!

iFrogz Animatone Headphones and Earbuds would make great gifts this year. They would be a great addition to any of the portable gaming systems or music devices you have already purchased.  

To view all of the iFrogz products (a Zagg Inc. brand) which includes Cases, Headphones, Earbuds and accessories, please visit:


One lucky reader is going to win a pair of iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Lady Bug Headphones valued at $24.99!


Disclaimer:  iFrogz provided The Jackson Five Family Blog with a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway.  However, our opinions of the product(s) are entirely our own and we have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the company or their products!