Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bingo, Waterparks and Crafts...How do you keep your family from getting bored in the winter?

Brrrrrr it's cold outside! It's going to be a high of 15 tomorrow. I will be glad when spring arrives, my body just doesn't like the coldness. Not only do I not like the temperatures dropping so low, but we hate being couped up in the house when we can't go outside. Do you guys get bored? I know we do. We start going stir crazy when we can't go outside and do fun activities so we have to find something to do. One of our favorite family activities is playing games. 

Our family loves playing board games together, the boys' love playing their video games and my husband and I also like to be competitive with online games between each other. We've often also thought about going to bingo in our town. They have it at several different facilities and I know you can win some good money and prizes too. 

Here are a few other ideas to keep your family busy this winter:

Go to an indoor fun center. Whether it be a an indoor trampoline park, inflatable center, roller skating facility or some where you can eat and play games, this will be sure to entertain the whole family.

Have a fun craft day at home. Gather some supplies like beads, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, cotton balls, markers or anything else you can think of to let your kids imaginations run wild. They will have fun with making crafts and you will love the memories made!

Plan a little get-a-way to a waterpark or just a hotel that has an indoor swimming pool. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to go away for an over night stay. Bring some candy, popcorn and rent a pay-per-view movie in the room after you swim for a fun night away.

The colder temperatures don't have to keep you from having some fun this winter. I would love to hear how you keep your family busy and entertained throughout the winter months! Stay warm :-)


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