Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You --Reach your goals in 2013 with Nutrisystem!


It's a new year, 2013 to be exact and we all know what most people's number one resolution is and that is losing weight, getting fit and living a happier life being healthier.

That's great, but most people say they are going to lose weight and within the first month they go back to their normal routines. Why you ask? Not because they don't want to lose the weight but because they don't have a good plan or the support they need to be successful.

That's why my husband and I both love Nutrisystem. We have both been on the Nutrisystem Success Select plan since last year and couldn't be more happy with our results. I'm not going to tell you that it's been easy or that we have dropped our weight really fast, but it's been steady and definitely a learning process for us both.

What I will tell you though is that Nutrisystem is amazing. They supply you with everything you need to get the results you want.  

Nutrisystem Success Select Program Features:

Delicious, Ready-To-Go-Food

Free Shipping To Your Door

Ready-To-Go Menu Customization

Unlimited Access To Member Site

Phone Access To Trained Counselors

Chef-Inspired, Fresh-Frozen Cuisine

Fresh-Frozen Menu Customization 

Priority Processing 

Exclusive Auto-Delivery Discount 
Over 140 Menu Items

Craig and I have both lost a little over 10 pounds each on the plan! The holiday's were a little tricky because of the good food and treat's people made, but we are both ready to get back on track 100%. We are so thankful for the program and hope that each of you will continue to follow our progress each week!

Jenna's 1st Week - Starting Weight 131.4
2nd Week - 127.8
3rd Week - 125.8
4th Week - 123.8
5th Week 125.2
6th Week 124 
7th Week 122.8 
8th Week 122.1 
9th Week 122.1 
10th Week 121.8
11th Week 121.7
12th Week 121.1
13th Week 121
14th Week 122.8
15th 121.7
16th  120

Craig's 1st Week - Starting Weight 226

1st Week - 220
2nd Week -220 
3rd Week - 218
4th Week - 216.5
5th Week - 215
6th Week -215
7th Week -213
8th Week 212.5 
9th Week 212 
10th Week 210.5
11th Week 211
12th Week  210.7
If you have any questions about Nutrisystem please don't hesitate to ask as we would love to help you get started on your own journey! 

If you want to join us in losing weight and getting healthy on the Nutrisystem program you can join today by calling...


or by visiting 

*Craig and I are being provided 7 months of Nutrisystem food and counsel for free as part of the Nutrisystem blogger program. All opinions are 100% our own* 


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